May 8, 2007

वाह वाह

इस जिन्दगी में हमने
क्या कुछ नहीं सहा है
इक गम को लगा कर गले
खुशियों को अलविदा कहा है

May 6, 2007

spiderman 3

why does every spiderman movie end up with mary jane held hostage?

i don't think spidey has been beaten so much in any of the two earlier movies.

all that alien gooey stuff is so hilarious. venom is clearly the worst villain till now.

sandman is good though. but his birth is comic again. i wonder why people mock rajnikant and applaud these scenes.

and there's science too. like that prof telling peter - be careful, that stuff is symbiotic. wtf!!

this time, there isn't even any danger to the world - america, that is.

is there an explanation how venom got spidey's web-building powers?

i think mary jane looks pathetic in every scene. so does peter's mom.

that new girl is terrible. i hate her.

i loved doc oc [:(]!

[btw, i watched it at 5 in the morning. in a terrible mood :P]

May 5, 2007


life. pain. and happiness. joy. and sorrows.

memories. all of them. some buried. some alive.

sometimes it hurts to remember the happy times.

remember not to remember.

walking a thin line.

insomnia. sleepiness. can you get both? i have.

sleep. i thought i was sleeping safe. and then i woke up.

sleep. and a leap. away from consciousness. far away.

leave me numb. and dead.