December 31, 2008


i just discovered that i do remember things. things that i want to forget. desperately. especially things that make me sad. now.

December 30, 2008


-the lan cord
-the laptop power cable (with adapter)
-the USB wire for the external HDD
-the power cable for the external HDD (with adapter)
-cellphone charger wire
-dangling nearby is the USB wire for the printer
-power cable for the printer (with adapter)
-USB wire for the mouse
-power cables for the speakers and the connecter between them
-and finally, the jack wire from the laptop to the speaker
-and sometimes, the headphone wire

and i thought my laptop was supposed to usher me into a wireless world [:P]!!

[i thought of posting a pic of this wire-forest and labeling the individual wires, but then i decided it would be too much of an effort :P! one reason for all these wires creating the forest is that the lazy me wants everything to be within arm's reach from my bed :D! so my room has been arranged that way. the arm's reach concept includes books, pens and the bottle of water :)]

extra-curricular achievements

i slept at 10:30 yesterday night.

woke up today at 12:30.

from good night to good afternoon straight.


December 28, 2008

the cycle of life

the mourners come out in hordes
dressed in their customary black
dark clouds waiting to spill over
a cleansing quenching downpour

the procession moves along
as the dreams stand there
crying by the roadside
crying for one of their own

the dead is in a blissful sleep
wearing the crown of thorns
unaware of what it meant
and what it could have been

shriveled and so unlike a child
bearing scars of a tortured death
but tears are actually meaningless
coz this is gonna happen again

the one that lies there dead
is going to be born again
and is going to die again
pretty much the same way

stillborn hope.

December 21, 2008


when superman lay there

crying and shivering
after saving the world
one more time
the gentle winds
they embraced him
and told him
it's all right
he shouldn't be ashamed
coz no one else dared
to fly against odds
and a fear of heights.

December 12, 2008

color my dreams

घुमक्कड़ बादलों के संग हल्की सी
सूरज की किरणों में झलकी सी
आसमानी बातों का कुछ मतलब होता होगा
आशाओं का रंग शायद नीला होता होगा

order lepidoptera

she flew around
and they shone
with a light of their own
and some from the sun
they, the colorful creatures
her butterfly wings

a thousand steps
and a thousand aches
but she tip-toed some
and ran breakneck some
coz she had them
her butterfly wings

the dark tries all it can
but it never scares her
coz the long-drawn night
she can tear in one leap
reach for the stars with
her butterfly wings

you could think
she's just god-gifted
but no, she is ordinary
just as she's very special
it's her hope she wears as
her butterfly wings

and they make her special
her butterfly wings


हाथ ये मेरा तुम
थामे रहो बस यूँ ही
तुम्हारी कुछ लकीरों से कहीं
उलझी रहे मेरी लकीरें


खोज रहा हाथ की लकीरों में
कहीं एक धुंधली उसकी भी लकीर मिले
हर मुमकिन कोशिश कर मैं हारा
लकीरों में उलझी कोई तो आस मिले

[lifted from various sources, some my own :P]

December 11, 2008


क्या सुबह सूरज आँखें मलते

टकराता है हम से चलते-चलते?
'माफ़ करना' कहती हैं किरनें भोली
आपकी आंखें हमने जानबूझ कर नहीं खोली
हम भी फूटी किस्मत के हैं शिकार
सुबह सुबह उठने को हैं लाचार
पर आपसे ये सुबह खुशनुमा हो जाए
आप मुस्करा दें, जागरण ये धन्य हो जाए


December 10, 2008


i love the little girl
who makes sand-castles
jumps into puddles
and loves the rain

i love the friend
my shoulder to cry upon
someone i can confess to
without fear of being judged

i love the butterfly
who colors my dreams
and at the end of the rope
shares her wings of imagination

i love the superwoman
who looks after me
the one who holds my hand
through the dark night

i love the sunshine
who strews smiles around
the one whose light
i feel with my eyes closed

and each one is as different
as chalk and cheese
a delusion, i know
that love makes me see

all the different women
love made me see in her
i love all of them
i love all of her

[written for a competition organized by the dramatics and cultural association. it can be viewed online here. the topic was: love is the delusion that one woman differs from another.]

saving for a rainy day

कल हल्का मन उड़ चला था

बादलों के पार कहीं
कल खुशियों का थामा था हाथ
कल भीगा इक सपना जागा था
सतरंगी पलकों पे यहीं
कल फ़िर हुई थी थोडी सी बरसात

more gmail

i like the way pdf attachments now open in google viewer. that way i don't have to download them and not be satisfied with the bland html view.

watery infinity

there is happiness and some glee

and things that set you free
there are people who let you be
and then, there's the sea..

written as a comment to a beautiful poem written by a friend of mine.

December 8, 2008


you might wonder
what might tie them
but there's actually
something similar between
tears and smiles

no matter when
or what or where
or how or who
or whither or whence
therefore and hence

the fact remains
your best smiles
and your worst tears
are when you
don't know why

[after i wrote this the line 'there's actually something' reminded me of the song 'don't write me off' from the movie music and lyrics.
it's never been easy for me
to find words to go along with a melody
but this time, there's actually something on my mind
so please forgive these few brief awkward lines...

December 7, 2008


i had wings i could fly with
to heights i had never seen
but then, i didn't use them
because i was happy enough
i was happy in the here-and-now
i was walking on air

December 6, 2008

wo kagaz ki kashti - Origami101

seems like an eternity after which i made a paper boat. and i was actually amazed i remember how to.

December 5, 2008

and you thought such things happened only in bollywood?? [:D]

[image from xkcd]

a loop of thread is a wonderful drawing tool: canvas-cum-brush-cum-palette. flexible and morph-able and wonderful :)

December 4, 2008


she cried

the tears came down
one by one
till they flowed together
in two streams

the brine washed away
the makeup she wore
baring the skin beneath
the real her
she had rubbed one eye
and the mascara
made a beautiful smear

one or two strands
of her hair
were stuck to her face
held in place by the tears
her unbraided hair
was an ugly mop
in disorder

she had sobbed
and there were
a few drops of spittle
at the corners of her mouth
her lipstick - flaming red -
was smeared all over

sometimes she would blink
and a drop would be lifted
onto her eyelashes
and she would be stuck
in a half-eyed stupor
but she fought out
and the drop broke away

she arched her brows
and creased her forehead
every time she took a breath
and every such effort
brought out more tears

there i stood
taking it all in
i should have been with her
but i couldn't
she looked so beautiful

[inspired by the girl in the mehfuz video. i wrote this long ago. saw the video again and was reminded of it.]

hear hear!

i had forgotten to mute my lappy and it did its PING in a class today. all heads turned towards me. not that it mattered [:P]!

but i wondered, how exactly are we able to pinpoint the direction of sound. seems this is called localization of sound and has been the subject of a lot of research. the barn owl has been researched a lot because of its extraordinary hearing abilities.

most of the judgment of direction takes place because of the delay in the reception of sound by both the ears [ the reason why we have two ears]. it's called the intra-aural delay [iud]. however, for sounds originating behind the head or in front of it, the shape of the pinna plays a role in helping us find out where the sound came from.

so much for the spirit of enquiry [:P]!

December 2, 2008

talking about love

i love talking to you.

but you hardly ever say anything.

that's because i love to listen to you.

but you never seem to get what i'm saying.

i love to watch you talking.

but half the time you are staring somewhere in distant space.

i love the sound of your voice.

but the other day, you couldn't recognise me on the phone.

i just love the fact that the two of us are sitting there, talking endlessly.

but you are always so fidgety, in a hurry to run away.

i love the feeling in my heart, that there's someone i can talk to. someone who'll listen to me.


why else do you think i always come back?

December 1, 2008


i could go to sleep now
and forget all that i think
but then it isnt just insomnia
that's burning my eyes

November 30, 2008


कुछ खाली सा लगा मन
तो बरस गईं आँखें
कुछ भर सा आया है मन
पर भरती कहाँ चाहें

आंसू भी अब शायद
कहीं थक से गए होंगे
ठहरे से कुछ किस्से
कहीं गुम से गए होंगे

सिराहने पड़ा पत्ता भी अब
कुछ सूखा सा लगता है
टूटे शाखों का दरख्त
अधमरा सा लगता है

तुम गए तो अब आना
कि अब मौसम सब नए हैं
तुम पहचान भी पाओगे
हम इतने बदल गए हैं

घर के बाहर वाले पेड़ की
शाखें सूख सी गई हैं
घर तो अब नही रहा
दीवारें रह गई हैं

आज खाली सा है मन
पर तुम मत आना
मैं नही चाहता तुमसे
मिले कोई अनजाना

November 27, 2008

good morning...

जब सूरज पंख पसारे
धूमिल कर देता सब तारे
जब अधजगी आंखों को मीचे
आँखें छुपाती हथेली के पीछे
तुम खिड़की के परदे हटाती हो
और सूरज को देख मुस्काती हो
उजाले का सफर वहीँ शुरू होता है
तुम से ही बस सवेरा होता है

November 25, 2008

essay assay

in school, i was pushed by my teachers to take part in various essay contests (i would never have gone on my own. come to think of it, almost all the co-curricular activities i did in school were forced on me in some way, but let's not digress :P). and some essays i wrote have stuck with me, some because of content, some because of the circumstances surrounding them, and some because i was praised for them (vanity, thy name isn't always woman :D)

->in std 7, we had to write this hindi essay in some class test. and end it with ' and i woke up'. or something like that. now telling me to write an essay on a dream was almost like giving me the license to kill [:P]! so i did exactly that. saved the entire school from a bunch of goons who had taken the students hostage. there were a lot of bullets and still more blood ( all on the thugs' side, of course!]. dunno what my ma'm liked - the sheer audacity of it all or the craziness - but i got pretty good marks in that, i think :)

->in std 8, we had to write an essay as part of some intra-school essay competition - some memorial prize, i think. it was voluntary but i made the mistake of telling my mother about it. and i was woken up at the unearthly hour of 4 pm to go for that ! [yes, 4 pm is an unearthly hour for me because 2-5 in the afternoon is my prime sleeping time!] i went and wrote something random. the results weren't declared until the annual day of the school and it was a big surprise to hear my name as the winner. but more pleasing was the prize of 300 rupees :D! i pooled that money with some other prizes i got, added some more of my saved pocket money, and bought my first scientific calculator and my first 'big' dictionary. [until that time, i only had my pocket oxford, which, if you've seen it, isn't really pocket-sized]

->in std 1, we had to write an essay in hindi on 'my mother'. well, not an essay exactly. more like five full sentences :P! and i could write only 3! i rejected most of my ideas coz they were too obvious! i wanted to write something extraordinary and ended up writing two less! so i went home with the question paper and my mother asked me if i had written the five sentences. and, like the good boy i am, i said that i had. but what i didn't know was that this school returned the answer scripts :D :D! what happened when i brought that home is better not said here !

-> then, there were the two times i figured in the top 15 of an essay competition that was held for ICSE schools all over india for students in class 9-12. and i won them at the beginning and end, in classes 9 and 12 :P! one because i started it with a stupid joke and the other because i ended it with a stupid poem! the stupid-joke-essay was really crappy and i think the evaluator must really have been out of his right senses when he chose that. but being nominated from the school was a bigger prize than the final selection for that one because it was chosen ahead of the works of other bigwigs of the school, all of whom were senior to me :).

->the intra-school essay competition i won in std 8, it was held for std 8 and 12 students. and i won it again in std 12. but more interesting than the essay was the circumstances in which it was written. we used to have a 'contact program' for brilliant tutorials' students in the city, where professors from the coaching institute came down to clear doubts. a date was decided for the essay competition but we requested our english ma'm to get it shifted because it clashed with the contact program. the good teacher that she was, she agreed to it. but we went and watched 'fizaa' instead, having informed our parents that we were going to the contact program :D [four contact programs and we watched four movies - kaho na pyar hai, josh, fiza and mohabbatein. more about mohabbatein later :)]. and some kind soul in the school leaked this news to ma'm. consider my discomfort the next day, when i was subjected to a lot of cold stares from ma'm, maybe because i had been the most vociferous of the group that wanted the thing postponed. but i made it up by winning it, i think :P!

->a school in our city conducted an inter-school competition (where they never played fair and always came first). an essay competition was part of the various events and i came first every time i went there, 3-4 times i think. i had figured out (and it was well-known) that this school wasn't particularly good in the english department. so i mugged up lots of quotes and peppered my essays with as many as i could :P! and this impressed them enough to give me the first prize every time :D!

->but the real gem was the time when we had to write an essay in hindi on 'my favorite movie' in std 12. i wrote on mohabbatein. and ma'm, after giving the marks, left a comment: kitne baar dekhi hai movie? :D :D that it raised my mother's suspicions, is another story altogether :P!


the figure is 937, actually [:P]

a search without the quotes also gives only 2,570,000 results.

[comic from the fullpage comics gadget in igoogle]

November 24, 2008

the best of me??

why should you be the best

ahead, the first one, on the top
why all this mad rush
this jostling and pushing
why can't we let things be

why should everything be judged
compared to something
given a value
ranked on a scale
reduced to a statistic
one of a hundred billion

why should anyone try
to decide who's the better
you or me
and then extol the better
and condemn the worse

what's all this 'success' thing
if i am happy
being what i am
being mediocre, if you say
why should you call me names
a coward, a failure
and anyway, who decides
what is mediocre
and what's not

i never asked anyone
for help, to lend me a hand
i never bothered you
why should you be bothered then
why should you see me
in your light

but then, it's human nature
to clamber atop corpses
even if it entails
creating the corpses first

[something i wrote ages ago. a discussion with a friend reminded me of it]

November 23, 2008

iff = if and only if

वक्त ने की थी शायद साजिश
लगा था की है बहुत वक्त
तुम्हे देखने को, सुनने को
तुमसे बातें करने को
बहुत बातें थीं कहने को
बहुत सपने थे देखने को

वक्त था ठहरा सा कहीं
लगा यूँ ही रहेगा हमेशा
खुशनुमा सा, उजला सा
तेरी मीठी हँसी सा
मिलेंगे पल अनगिनत कहीं
ज़िन्दगी जीने को

पर हुआ वो ही जो होना था
वो वक़्त कहीं छूट गया
रात आई और सपने खो गए
बातें सारी रह गयीं कहने को
पल में ही कितने सारे पल
हासिल हो गए यादों को

तुम गए की बस
एक जहाँ चला गया
तुम थे तो घडियां
रुकी सी रहती थीं
तुम गए तो साथ
वक़्त भी चला गया

[lifted a bit from sam's speech after the rock 'n' roll soniye song in KANK - the only good thing in that stupid movie.]

November 22, 2008

my search series

no of days = 83
mean = 32.75

stdev = 24.78

does anyone have any use for this useless statistic ? [:P]

November 19, 2008

superman returns

i'll hide you beneath my cape

when you want to be alone
and you could hold it and fly
when you wish a home in the sky

and you'll be the one i choose
when i want to cry my tears
coz the world mustn't know
a mass of steel can sometimes weep

and we'll be the kids that we are
flying kites and flying with them
and i'll try to draw some pictures
with colors i borrow from you

i'll be superman for you

November 18, 2008

grass roots

you could fly high
and touch the clouds
but you'll have to hold
someone rooted to earth
and then, you could be rooted
and still spread your arms wide
stay here and fly afar
and touch your favorite star

[i think i'm getting a bit too much into the sun-moon-star thing. image drawn in sales and distribution class]

November 14, 2008



[image drawn in a managerial ethics class]

November 13, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel

startling colors that break out
from behind a dark drab veil
fireworks in the night sky
lighting up my glistening cheeks
and there are puddles of color
i can dip my hands into
and give color to all my dreams
and not worry if they'll come true

there isn't much of a change actually
the demons still wait outside
baying for some more blood
waiting for anger/despair to bleed me
but i now have a hand to hold onto
someone to hold me close
and tell me it's okay
to cry and be afraid

and i know i'll see the sunshine
now that she's there
my hope fairy
flying on wings of faith

is there really a difference between hope and faith?

November 12, 2008

yippee !

and .. gmail voice and video chat is here .. :)

more details here.

and SMS from gmail is coming soon :)

premeditated countermoves

i love you.

not the first time i've heard that sentence.

can't i say it whenever i wish to?

you can. you can say whatever you want to.


it makes me wonder...

if i actually love you?

no, not that. but i wonder why you need to say it again and again.

coz i want to!!!

still, i wonder if you are trying to convince someone.

you think i'm trying to convince you??

naah!! i think you are trying to convince yourself.

and you think that after all this time i still need to do it?

i'm just thinking aloud.

what if i just want to see the twinkle in your eye every time i say it?


what if i told you i've never been more sure of anything?


what if i just like saying that with you close to me?

what if i knew it all along and was just checking?


now you know why i love you.

and why is that?

coz you are so stupid!

i love you.

i love you too!

November 10, 2008


आधा अधूरा, बिखरा सा
अपने टुकडों को समेटता
कहीं किसी पल में अटका
टूटे सपनों को जकडे
खाली हथेली निहारता
हँसी को तरसता
भारी बादल सा
मन तुमको सोचता है

November 9, 2008

बातों की बातें

कुछ बातें कहने में हमेशा
कुछ बातें बीच में आ जाती हैं
कुछ बातों की जंग में हमेशा
कुछ बातें अनकही रह जाती हैं

कुछ बातें हैं तस्वीरों के रंगों सी
कुछ बातें हैं तितली के पंखों सी
कुछ बातें पर काजल सी काली हैं
कुछ बातें बस सूनी सी, खाली हैं

कुछ बातें बस लग कर गले
कुछ बातों को रोती रहती हैं
कुछ बातों की चादर तले
कुछ बातें सोती रहती हैं

कहता हूँ इतनी सारी बातें
पर कुछ बातें रह जाती हैं
जगता हूँ इतनी सारी रातें
पर कुछ बातें रह जाती हैं
सारी यादें धुंधली हो जाती हैं
पर कुछ बातें रह जाती हैं
वो सारी बातें बटोरे चली जाती है
पर कुछ बातें रह जाती हैं

November 8, 2008


reminds me of the joke involving the sardarji and the taxi driver.

comic source:

November 2, 2008

gaon waalon...

every time i look at the reliance and airtel towers on the roof of one of the hostels, i feel an urge to climb one of them.

and the song jii karta hai tv tower pe main chadh jaoon from rock on doesn't help matters a bit.

and i have acrophobia.

October 28, 2008

to the only one who can make me smile: i don't know what i would have done without you.

and to the only one who can make me cry: how i wish you'd get back to making me smile.

and to the one who makes me do both: please, please go away.

October 25, 2008

certificate of completion

आधे अधूरे ख्वाबों की
आधे अधूरी सी नींद को
पूरी करने को किसी की
आधी अधूरी हंसी काफी है
फिर पूरे हुए ख्वाबों से
कुछ जुड़ते पूरे रिश्तों से
पूरी होगी बिखरी ज़िन्दगी
पूरी होगी आधी अधूरी हंसी

October 22, 2008


छुटकी सी पतंग
सतरंगी खुशियों से
उजली किरणें बनाती
अँधियारा भगाती
खुले आसमान में
सपनों पे उड़ जाती है

नन्ही सी खुशी
बावली बातों से
उलझी भवें सुलझाती
ख़ुद से गुनगुनाती
बिन कुछ कहे
कहानियाँ गढ़ जाती है

आ जा मैं हवाओं पे
बिठा के ले चलूँ
तू ही तो मेरी दोस्त है
आ जा तेरे सपनों को
आसमान देता चलूँ
तू ही तो मेरी दोस्त है

[inspired from tu hi to meri dost hai from the movie yuvvraaj. written for C - Bhai and best friend]

October 21, 2008

ends justify the means

prof to class: you can take the horse to the water but you can't force him to take it in.

naween: sir, saline??



night out. followed by breakfast. where i had coffee. and asked for extra sugar. and it reminded me of something.

when i go home, mummy makes some things for me. but every time i enter the kitchen, i come out with sugar in my mouth [:D]!! and mummy goes almost mad seeing me preferring sugar over all that she might have made.

i have even mishti doi with sugar [:D]

October 18, 2008

and the beast lies within. sleeping. patient. waiting. all i can do is buy time. do everything i can to stop it. and i make a deal with it. i'll try to be good. but sometimes i wonder if he's having the last laugh. me being 'good' to pacify him. and i'm torn. who's the real 'me'? the beast or the one who's good?

it ain't easy being superman.

anticipatory bail

i love you.




just an okay??

so what do you want?

do you know the amount of thought and courage that went behind that statement?

it isn't as if i don't know that you love me.

you know??

oh! come on!! the doting fool that you've been - it couldn't have been anything other than love.

so you've just been enjoying the attention all along??

while i had the chance, yes.

you could at least have told me!

what! and miss all that entertainment and attention?

so you don't love me?

now when did i say that?



so you love me?

of course i do.

then why didn't you tell me?

coz i was waiting for you to get sure about your love.

and what about your love?

if you had taken some time out of the crazy world you inhabit, you'd have seen that i've been sure right from the start.


i love you too.

तुम जो नहीं हो तो क्या
बातें तो रुकती नहीं
तुमसे ही कहता हूँ
सपने सभी
ढूंढें तुझको मेरी हकीकत की ज़मीन
पर तुम नहीं

आँखें बंद कर लूँ जो मैं
देखूं बस तुम्हे
ख्वाबों में ही कह सकता हूँ
अपना तुम्हे
रहने दे मेरा ये वहम पे ही यकीन
ना जा कहीं

[half-lifted from naa jaa - euphoria]

October 17, 2008

vote for congress!!

hand-i-work of a managerial ethics class.

in the upper left corner i was trying to compare the lengths of my thumb and forefinger.


October 15, 2008


all the symbols we know
might all be just cymbals
playing a music very different
from what we actually hear

October 13, 2008

seven sins redefined for chocolate

  1. LUST: you shall not crave for anything more than chocolate. any proclamations of love towards other food items shall always be prefixed by your devotion to chocolate.
  2. GLUTTONY: you shalt not think about petty matters like inches of waist or kilograms of weight while consuming chocolate. the only thing limiting the intake of chocolate shall be the physical capacity of your stomach.
  3. GREED: you shall be considered to have sinned if you shall not start salivating on sight of any chocolate item - be it someone else's plate or a bakery window.
  4. SLOTH: no distances or difficulties, no matter how large or worrisome shall stop you from fulfilling your urge for chocolate once it arises.
  5. WRATH: the one who takes a bite out of your chocolate pastry or a spoonful of your chocolate ice-cream shall incur your wrath in its most ferocious form.
  6. ENVY: you shall envy every chocolate-eater till you've had an equal, if not more, amount.
  7. PRIDE: every time you glow in satisfaction after consuming chocolate, you shall not take pride in this but shall strive to make this a more frequent occurrence
[written under the influence of a choc-a-vloc and a hot choco latte]

October 12, 2008


कल तुमसे कहते कहते
रुक गई थी कहीं जुबां
कहना था जरूरी कुछ
शब्दों के ना मिले निशान

कहना था कि बस तुम
जाना नहीं अब कहीं
कि कभी आंसू छलकें
तुम चली आना वहीँ
कहना था कि जब तुम
गुम हो जाती हो कहीं
ज़िन्दगी बस रुकी-थमी
रोती रहती है वहीँ
कहना था कि चाहूँ मैं
छुपा लूँ तुमको कहीं
जब हो तुम्हारी खुशी
हंसूं मैं भी बस वहीं

तुम रहो तो कुछ बातें
बिन कहे ही कानों में
तुम सुनो तो ये रातें
कट जाए बस बातों में

तुम हो तो गाता है दिल
तुम नहीं तो गीत कहाँ
तुम हो तो है सब हासिल
तुम नहीं तो क्या है यहाँ

तुमको है मांगती ये जिंदगी

[lifted from the song tum ho to from rock on!!]

October 11, 2008

tit for tat

you know, i could love you.

so what's stopping you?

umm.. i don't know what you feel for me.

so.. you mean to say.. that if i said i don't love you, you'd move on.


you wouldn't try harder?

i might. but i won't tell you that now, will i?


so what do you say?

say about what?

about this whole "i could love you" thing?

you know, i could love you too.

October 9, 2008

twinkle twinkle - desi version :P

टिमटिम करता छोटा तारा
हीरे-मोती सा चमकता प्यारा
दूर आसमान में कहीं
समझ में आता नही

जब सूरज की ख़त्म होती पारी
अँधेरी हो जाती दुनिया ये सारी
तब सारी रात वो जागे
बुनते कुछ रौशनी के धागे

राही जब भूले राहों में अँधेरी
सराहे छोटी उजली मुस्कान तेरी
तू नही होता गर आकाश में
भूला रहता वो राह की तलाश में

नीले आसमान का वो रहने वाला
कभी मेरी खिड़की से झांके मतवाला
जाने सूरज का इंतज़ार कर
कैसे जागे रात रात भर

नन्ही सी प्यारी मुस्कान वाला
अंधेरे में पथिक का रखवाला
मुझको है सबसे प्यारा
टिमटिम करता छोटा तारा

here's the original:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the traveller in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark,
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye,
Till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the traveller in the dark,—
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.


10:10 in binary is equal to 10.

which reminds me of a t-shirt slogan i saw somewhere: there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.


my two most favorite scenes in tzp:

one: when nikumbh goes to ishan's house and sees all the paintings he had made

two: when ishan sees the painting nikumbh makes for him at the art competition.

October 8, 2008

romeo must die

i miss you. a lot.

why are you telling me all this?

coz you are the only one i can tell this to.

are you accusing me of leaving you?

no. and you know that.

but you'll have to let me go.

but i already have.

no, you haven't. or you wouldn't have said that first sentence.

but i really miss you.

there you go again.

i don't talk to you or write to you. isn't that letting go?

not until you stop thinking of me.

i'm only human.

but you'll have to understand that no matter what, i'm not going to return.

i don't think anyone knows that fact better than i do. not even you.

so why are you doing this to yourself ?

i don't know.

or may be you don't want to know.

does that make a difference?

it doesn't.

nothing can change the fact that i miss you.

i know.

October 5, 2008


the music directors must really be hard-pressed for time. that's why they come up with remixes. but what they don't cut on is ingenuity in (re)naming them. while you'll regularly come across lounge and club remixes, sometimes these people go out of their way to lure the buyer into believing that there's something genuinely different in the remix. here are a few examples:

badmash launde - blasted remix
mannata - lover's paradise remix
what's up my bro - cruiser remix

roadside romeo
main hoon romeo - roadside remix
choo le na - moonlight club

golmaal returns
vacancy - kilogram

hey ya - house mix

hari om hari om - electro mix

oop cha- fare play mix

ankhon se khwab rooth kar - ambient mix

de taali
hone lagi - jump into bed mix
de taali - clap trap mix

don't know why, but i really hate remixes.


साथ बैठें ज़रा देर तो
हाथ थामें रहें
और कुछ ना कहें
कुछ सपने मैं दिखाऊँ
कुछ हम तुम
बुनते रहें
कल की और कल की
बातें सारी ये आँखें
चुपचाप गहें
रात के अंधेरे में
तेरी रौशनी में
खोये रहें हम
कि चाँद भी
कुछ मुस्करा कर
हमसे शरमाये
और फ़िर सुबह
सपनों से जागी आंखें
बस तुम्हे देखा करें

[partly liifted from the title song of fiza]

September 30, 2008

benevolent dementors

a piece of the dark sky
and some light
some of my stars
burning so bright
the stars, they always
make my heart glow
and then it doesn't feel
like a dark night

all my happiness i ever lost
i think the stars
that burn so bright
took it all away
there's a memory i see
etched in the light
a happy memory long ago
still burning me bright

but i don't hate the stars
never did and never will
they keep all that light safe
something i can't do
and so, every time i'm sad
i look at them stars
and then it doesn't feel
like a dark night

September 28, 2008


today is daughters' day. and it's also world heart day.

so, today seems to be an ideal day for giving your heart to someone's daughter.

colon dee!

[daughter's day info from this blog. and rohit told me about world heart day. the links i searched on my own :)]


you're beautiful.

what?? where did this come from??

why? can't i even praise you?

surely, you can. and i would like you to. but still, where did this come from?

i don't need to have a reason to praise you.

oh!! so much of love. the first time i'm seeing this.

i've decided to turn a new leaf.

and this 'you're beautiful' is a declaration of that event?

well, you always complained that i was never expressive enough.

so, is this the expression of an already existing feeling or a new realization altogether?

well, both.


i mean, i always knew you were beautiful. but now that i've decided to say it out, i find you more beautiful, and in many other ways too.


just an 'oh'? i pay you a compliment and all i get is an 'oh'?

i'm thinking. i'm just not used to all this.

well, you better get used to all this. coz this is going to be the flavor from now on.


again an 'oh'?

i guess, only one of us can be expressive at a time.

ha!! caught you!!

yup! right now, i'm just dumb.

and you're beautiful.

September 26, 2008


and we will fight
over petty things
a thousand times over
and still, when it ends
i'll be there
holding your hand
just like always
like the first time

and we will cry
for each other and
because of each other
and despite each other
when the tears dry up
you'll find me there
carrying smiles for you
the whole way

coz the only one

who makes me feel
i can fly
is you

[the last one is a line from the movie hitch]

September 25, 2008


सोचा था
किनारे पे
मिलेंगी घडियां
सुकून की ।
आंधियों से
लड़ने की
हिम्मत जुटाना
ज़िन्दगी अब ।
पर सुकून
कहाँ पाते
शाख से
टूटे पत्ते ।

September 24, 2008


can i ask you to stay awhile
i'm tired of talking to you
in my mind and in my dreams
there's a lot i have to tell you
all my happiness and joy
the tears i never showed you

they said i will never be loved
will you stay and prove them wrong
they said you'll never care for me
will you stay and be my wonderwall?

['wonderwall' is a wonderful song by oasis]

September 23, 2008


it's been three days now.. i don't remember the last time i slept well.. i've been putting in the hours.. but there have been no returns.. i keep feeling sleepy all the time .. except when i actually try to sleep... sleep at night is largely confined to alternate bouts of wakefulness and semi-somnolent lapses..

khair... sleep will come when it will come.. i uploaded lots of pics on orkut yesterday - most of them stolen from other people's albums [:P] ... and ended up with 103 of them [:D]

me feeling sleepy again.. but i guess it's no use ruining my mood right now... so i'll try to sleep after the afternoon class [:)]

of stars and stories

तारों की लकीरों से
कई चेहरे बन जाते हैं
पर सूरज जब चढ़ आए
सब के सब घुल जाते हैं

कल सुबह जब सूरज आयेगा
मैं कुछ पल मांग लूँगा
आँखों में छुपा कर चेहरे
रौशनी का सफर काट लूँगा

कि उजाले में दिखने वाले
समय कि रौशनी में घुल जायेंगे
और तारों वाले सारे चेहरे
हर अंधेरे में याद आएंगे

September 22, 2008

bharat mata ki jai [:P]

my attempt at indianization of MBA education [:P] - subject heading written in my notebook.

September 21, 2008


there are a thousand dreams
i've dreamt for us
but every time i see you
you make me dream
some more

and every time
i look into your eyes
you make me wish
i could care for you
forever and ever

i thought i was perfect

but you, you make me
want to be a better man

["you make me want to be a better man" is a line from the movie 'as good as it gets']

September 16, 2008

principle of mathematical induction

सारा आकाश
मुट्ठी में
रात के
सपनों सा
खो जाए ।
सपने सारे
आकाश के
माथे पे
सिलवटों से
बस जायें ।
सपनों भरा
आकाश फ़िर
तारों से
जुगनुओं सी
आशाएं जगाये ।

बेनाम रिश्ते

इतनी सारी मुलाकातों में

ढेर सारी बातों में
कुछ बातें बस अनकही सी
किसी कोने में रह जाएँगी

झिझकती शुरुआतों में
हलकी सी बरसातों में
कुछ बातें बस चुप सी
आँखों से बह जाएँगी

कल की हर सूरत को
साथ हमारा गवारा नही
कुछ बातें बेवजह सी
बीच में दीवार बन जाएँगी

फिर जब बिना मिले या कहे
राहें जुदा हो जाएँगी
कुछ बातें बस भूली सी
धुंधली यादों में याद आयेंगी

नाम को तरसते
कुछ प्यारे रिश्ते
अनकही बातों में
चुप मुलाकातों में
झिझकती बरसातों में
भूली यादों में
हाथों पे तुम्हारे
कुछ लिख जायेंगे
और तब शायद
देर हो चुकी होगी

the lonely girl

she thought she'd lost it

her kite when it flew away
and she spent nights
crying and crying
thinking of all the ways
it would have died
or rueing the moment
she let it go
and then one day
as she sat by the window
there it came again
with a gust of wind
the colors had changed
but it hugged her
and she knew at once
it was 'her' kite
and it told her
what she'd never realised
all the goodness
in her heart
no storm could
ever take away
and if she could
give so much love
there was nothing
in this world
that could stop her
from being loved
and cared for
in every way.

nursery rhyme

बिल्ली बोली म्याऊँ

चूहे पकडूं खाऊँ
पेट में चूहे कूद रहे हैं
शैतानी खिचडी घोल रहे हैं
कोई तो चूहा मिल जाए
आग पेट की बुझ जाए

दिल की कही

the prince and the princess

they found a thousand reasons
not to love any more
and to end it, they said
we weren't meant to be

and yet, when they had to go
their separate ways
their hearts, they thought
this end to this love
this wasn't meant to be

September 15, 2008

पगली लड़की

सुनहरी किरणों से
तारों सी चमकती
भोर सी भोली आंखों में
तैरती खुश परछाईयाँ लिए
अपने में मगन
उस इक लड़की से
बहती लहरों ने
कुछ चिल्ला कर
पूछा कि पगली रे!
क्या करती है बालू में?
चेहरे पे आयी
कुछ आवारा लटों को
हवा के हवाले कर
लड़की ने कहा
सुनहरे सपने सजाती हूँ
आशाओं का महल
रेत से बनाती हूँ
दबे क़दमों से
लहरें उसके आँचल तक
सरक गयीं और देखा
की थपकियाँ देती
सुरों से सपने सजाती
वो लड़की तो बस
ख़ुद में ही खोयी थी
और उसकी हँसी से
बादलों के पार
सूरज के चेहरे पे भी
मुस्कान छाई थी
सने हाथ माटी की
खुशबू में घुले
रेत की दीवारों को
चट्टानों सा बनाते थे
और उसकी परछाईं
में छुपने को
किरणों के मन भी
कहीं बहुत ललचाते थे
क्या कहूं इसके सिवा
की उस मुस्कान को देख
बस लगा कि
चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए
पर ये भोली सुंदर हँसी
इस चेहरे को छोड़
कभी कहीं ना जाए
समंदर के सारे
तूफानों की ताकत से
माटी से सने हाथ
हँसी हँसी में निपट लें
और किरणों सी चमकती
आंखों की खुशी पे
गम की परछाईयाँ
कभी ना छायें

[inspired by the song maati by shubha mudgal]

August 28, 2008

babyEle :D

after i posted this image, me and mr sunny had some discussion which veered onto some risque topics. at the end of which:

me: :P
wokki :P
koi dimag-cleaning machine aati hai?
Sunny: hoti hai..
me: marriage?
8:00 PM Sunny: no no...
wife :P
me: same difference :D
Sunny: :P
me: waise this part is also bloggable :D
the dimag cleaning machine part :P
Sunny: bloggiyao...
sab kuch likh daalo
sab padhega tera beta/beti :P

waise, with my genes, i don't think my beta/beti would have to padhofy something to get to know of all these things [:P]!!

IE 8

IE 8 beta 2 has been available for download for some time now. i tried it today. seemed to me more of a child born out of a marriage between firefox and flock.

accelerators let you utilise the power of the web without copy-pasting across tabs. so you have encarta, maps, live search etc built into the context menu. there are addons in firefox that give the same functionality. only here you have everything pre-built.

instant search is basically a built-in suggest feature. i think it will be annoying. i've turned off suggest in firefox. i hate those drop-down lists that appear for every thing i search. and visual search is more like yahoo glue.

web slices seems to be a nice thing. but it's success depends on how exactly the browser selects which pages are capable of web slices. and which sites it supports. it seems the support for web slice will have to be built by the site designer. and it is said that it's inspired by the web clip feature of safari (i've never used safari)

tab grouping seems to be an interesting thing to do. with an option to close the group at once or refresh the tabs.

inPrivate browsing has been termed as porn browsing. but i think it's a good feature, particularly for people using public computers.

the smart screen is a direct copy from firefox 3. even the wording is almost the same. but i liked the domain highlighting feature.

smart address bar is again a copy from firefox 3. only, in IE it takes just a fraction of a second more to load.

searching on page has become a bit better with highlighting and no annoying floating boxes. but i still don't know why they can't have find-as-you-type.

the tabs are now individual processes or something like that. so that if a tab crashes, it doesn't affect the other. i don't know what it will do to the memory consumption, the only advantage IE has over firefox.

by default, all web slices and many other things will keep on updating themselves even though IE might not be running. dunno how many people really want this to happen. on my part, i hate processes that run by themselves in the background (not the system ones, of course :P)

but this is still beta. though i don't think there will be any major changes.

humein tumse pyar kitna, ye hum nahi jaante

i love you, and not your money
i'm not here for the honey
these lines may seem funny
but my love is as sweet as pure cheeni

[written in collaboration with mr sunny somani ]


to bachhon, bajao taali!

logical sequence

you could point out
a hundred reasons
why we were never
'meant to be'
you could say
we never connected
we were after all
different people
you could believe
you never loved me
there was something
missing in the 'love'

but i believe
we missed just one step
we tried to be lovers
before we were friends

August 27, 2008

accidental proposal

i'm thinking of falling in love with you.


so what's wrong with that?

nothing. but i'd rather you didn't put so much of conscious thought into this process.

but thinking also involves thinking about you.


yup... all the time..

i think it's more of evaluating and less of thinking.

so what's wrong with that?

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?? i thought you will accept me as i am.

that i will. but i should know what you are, shouldn't i?

you sure know how to talk smooth!!

how else do you think i snared you?

WHAT did you just say?

hmm... erm... nothing....

i'm no more than a prized catch to you, am i?

it's not like that...

so how exactly is it??

prized you are.. my most prized possession.

you think you possess me, you own me?

i'm certainly possessive about you.

words, words again.

it's only words, words are all i have...

STOP singing stupid songs!!!


stop sulking.


stop making puppy faces.

but i love you.

so all that thinking finally turned into actions?

erm.. what?

your first sentence.

oh!! yup [:D]!!

and i love you too.


all's well that ends well.


a broken mirror, a thousand pieces
so many eyes staring back at me
how i wish i could pick them up
and look into those eyes
my own eyes

things i've always wanted
the eyes to tell me
but have always feared
looking into them
in the mirror

but now the mirror is broken
and i'm here wondering
if it's a shackle broken
or a thousand more fetters
to bind me down

but the eyes, they'll decide
what i have to do
and i know all will be right
the day i gather the courage
to look into those eyes
my own eyes

August 22, 2008

basic instincts

how i wish it would talk to me [:P]

lights will guide you home, and in exams too ...

road to nowhere

star wars (this, sadly, isn't as interesting)

an insurmountable mountain

[locale: Business Law class. basic econometrics end-term tomorrow]