January 28, 2011

arm-twisting tactics

ask me out to lunch.

but i hardly know you.

would you have asked me out if you knew me?

that would have depended on the outcome of the whole knowing-you-process.

so how exactly do you expect to carry out this process?

you are assuming that i want to know you in the first place.

don't you?

i may or may not. but i am certainly not taking orders.

how do you decide who you want to know better?

it's not an exact science.

i bet it's not rocket science either. what are your thumb rules?

i don't know!! i don't put conscious thought into that decision.

ok. so you are saying that your knowing-you-process starts from a shaky premise.

i never said that.

yes, you did. and in so many words.

but it's my prerogative. i choose who i want to know better. and i am free to deploy whatever techniques i might want to.

yes, but you could at least be consistent in your approach.

i am.

are you sure?

i don't have a recorded scientific cause-effect analysis on this subject!!

ok. coming back to what we were talking about, would you like to know me better? what do your ''techniques'' conclude?

hmph!! having spent so much time arguing, i very well might.

and how will you go about this knowing-you-better-process?

by spending some more time with you.

in ways such as?

in ways such as.. taking you out to lunch.

there you go!

*dumbfounded silence*

January 23, 2011

elephant in the room

The weight of the unsaid

Hangs heavy between us
Layered sentences and half-muttered words
Said with hesitating halts and jittery jumps

The fists clench and unclench
Pondering whether to set the truth free
And for every pregnant pause
The air reeks of anticipation

We know what is to be said
It's the manner of doing it that eludes us


सूरज की आँखों से

दुनिया जाने कैसी दिखती होगी
दो रंगों में बंटी
आधी काली, आधी सफ़ेद दिखती होगी
सूरज की आँखों से
कुछ छुप ना पाता होगा
जितनी बुरी, जितनी अच्छी, जैसी भी
दुनिया का नक्शा दिख जाता होगा
सूरज फिर भी चक्कर काटे
धरती संग दिन रात बांटे
दोनों का गहरा नाता है
सूरज ये रिश्ता खूब निभाता है
बस यही प्यार की कहानी है
धरती सूरज की दीवानी है
जो जैसा है, बस उसको ही चाहे
तो कोई क्यूँ ना वापस प्यार निबाहे?