September 30, 2008

benevolent dementors

a piece of the dark sky
and some light
some of my stars
burning so bright
the stars, they always
make my heart glow
and then it doesn't feel
like a dark night

all my happiness i ever lost
i think the stars
that burn so bright
took it all away
there's a memory i see
etched in the light
a happy memory long ago
still burning me bright

but i don't hate the stars
never did and never will
they keep all that light safe
something i can't do
and so, every time i'm sad
i look at them stars
and then it doesn't feel
like a dark night

September 28, 2008


today is daughters' day. and it's also world heart day.

so, today seems to be an ideal day for giving your heart to someone's daughter.

colon dee!

[daughter's day info from this blog. and rohit told me about world heart day. the links i searched on my own :)]


you're beautiful.

what?? where did this come from??

why? can't i even praise you?

surely, you can. and i would like you to. but still, where did this come from?

i don't need to have a reason to praise you.

oh!! so much of love. the first time i'm seeing this.

i've decided to turn a new leaf.

and this 'you're beautiful' is a declaration of that event?

well, you always complained that i was never expressive enough.

so, is this the expression of an already existing feeling or a new realization altogether?

well, both.


i mean, i always knew you were beautiful. but now that i've decided to say it out, i find you more beautiful, and in many other ways too.


just an 'oh'? i pay you a compliment and all i get is an 'oh'?

i'm thinking. i'm just not used to all this.

well, you better get used to all this. coz this is going to be the flavor from now on.


again an 'oh'?

i guess, only one of us can be expressive at a time.

ha!! caught you!!

yup! right now, i'm just dumb.

and you're beautiful.

September 26, 2008


and we will fight
over petty things
a thousand times over
and still, when it ends
i'll be there
holding your hand
just like always
like the first time

and we will cry
for each other and
because of each other
and despite each other
when the tears dry up
you'll find me there
carrying smiles for you
the whole way

coz the only one

who makes me feel
i can fly
is you

[the last one is a line from the movie hitch]

September 25, 2008


सोचा था
किनारे पे
मिलेंगी घडियां
सुकून की ।
आंधियों से
लड़ने की
हिम्मत जुटाना
ज़िन्दगी अब ।
पर सुकून
कहाँ पाते
शाख से
टूटे पत्ते ।

September 24, 2008


can i ask you to stay awhile
i'm tired of talking to you
in my mind and in my dreams
there's a lot i have to tell you
all my happiness and joy
the tears i never showed you

they said i will never be loved
will you stay and prove them wrong
they said you'll never care for me
will you stay and be my wonderwall?

['wonderwall' is a wonderful song by oasis]

September 23, 2008


it's been three days now.. i don't remember the last time i slept well.. i've been putting in the hours.. but there have been no returns.. i keep feeling sleepy all the time .. except when i actually try to sleep... sleep at night is largely confined to alternate bouts of wakefulness and semi-somnolent lapses..

khair... sleep will come when it will come.. i uploaded lots of pics on orkut yesterday - most of them stolen from other people's albums [:P] ... and ended up with 103 of them [:D]

me feeling sleepy again.. but i guess it's no use ruining my mood right now... so i'll try to sleep after the afternoon class [:)]

of stars and stories

तारों की लकीरों से
कई चेहरे बन जाते हैं
पर सूरज जब चढ़ आए
सब के सब घुल जाते हैं

कल सुबह जब सूरज आयेगा
मैं कुछ पल मांग लूँगा
आँखों में छुपा कर चेहरे
रौशनी का सफर काट लूँगा

कि उजाले में दिखने वाले
समय कि रौशनी में घुल जायेंगे
और तारों वाले सारे चेहरे
हर अंधेरे में याद आएंगे

September 22, 2008

bharat mata ki jai [:P]

my attempt at indianization of MBA education [:P] - subject heading written in my notebook.

September 21, 2008


there are a thousand dreams
i've dreamt for us
but every time i see you
you make me dream
some more

and every time
i look into your eyes
you make me wish
i could care for you
forever and ever

i thought i was perfect

but you, you make me
want to be a better man

["you make me want to be a better man" is a line from the movie 'as good as it gets']

September 16, 2008

principle of mathematical induction

सारा आकाश
मुट्ठी में
रात के
सपनों सा
खो जाए ।
सपने सारे
आकाश के
माथे पे
सिलवटों से
बस जायें ।
सपनों भरा
आकाश फ़िर
तारों से
जुगनुओं सी
आशाएं जगाये ।

बेनाम रिश्ते

इतनी सारी मुलाकातों में

ढेर सारी बातों में
कुछ बातें बस अनकही सी
किसी कोने में रह जाएँगी

झिझकती शुरुआतों में
हलकी सी बरसातों में
कुछ बातें बस चुप सी
आँखों से बह जाएँगी

कल की हर सूरत को
साथ हमारा गवारा नही
कुछ बातें बेवजह सी
बीच में दीवार बन जाएँगी

फिर जब बिना मिले या कहे
राहें जुदा हो जाएँगी
कुछ बातें बस भूली सी
धुंधली यादों में याद आयेंगी

नाम को तरसते
कुछ प्यारे रिश्ते
अनकही बातों में
चुप मुलाकातों में
झिझकती बरसातों में
भूली यादों में
हाथों पे तुम्हारे
कुछ लिख जायेंगे
और तब शायद
देर हो चुकी होगी

the lonely girl

she thought she'd lost it

her kite when it flew away
and she spent nights
crying and crying
thinking of all the ways
it would have died
or rueing the moment
she let it go
and then one day
as she sat by the window
there it came again
with a gust of wind
the colors had changed
but it hugged her
and she knew at once
it was 'her' kite
and it told her
what she'd never realised
all the goodness
in her heart
no storm could
ever take away
and if she could
give so much love
there was nothing
in this world
that could stop her
from being loved
and cared for
in every way.

nursery rhyme

बिल्ली बोली म्याऊँ

चूहे पकडूं खाऊँ
पेट में चूहे कूद रहे हैं
शैतानी खिचडी घोल रहे हैं
कोई तो चूहा मिल जाए
आग पेट की बुझ जाए

दिल की कही

the prince and the princess

they found a thousand reasons
not to love any more
and to end it, they said
we weren't meant to be

and yet, when they had to go
their separate ways
their hearts, they thought
this end to this love
this wasn't meant to be

September 15, 2008

पगली लड़की

सुनहरी किरणों से
तारों सी चमकती
भोर सी भोली आंखों में
तैरती खुश परछाईयाँ लिए
अपने में मगन
उस इक लड़की से
बहती लहरों ने
कुछ चिल्ला कर
पूछा कि पगली रे!
क्या करती है बालू में?
चेहरे पे आयी
कुछ आवारा लटों को
हवा के हवाले कर
लड़की ने कहा
सुनहरे सपने सजाती हूँ
आशाओं का महल
रेत से बनाती हूँ
दबे क़दमों से
लहरें उसके आँचल तक
सरक गयीं और देखा
की थपकियाँ देती
सुरों से सपने सजाती
वो लड़की तो बस
ख़ुद में ही खोयी थी
और उसकी हँसी से
बादलों के पार
सूरज के चेहरे पे भी
मुस्कान छाई थी
सने हाथ माटी की
खुशबू में घुले
रेत की दीवारों को
चट्टानों सा बनाते थे
और उसकी परछाईं
में छुपने को
किरणों के मन भी
कहीं बहुत ललचाते थे
क्या कहूं इसके सिवा
की उस मुस्कान को देख
बस लगा कि
चाहे कुछ भी हो जाए
पर ये भोली सुंदर हँसी
इस चेहरे को छोड़
कभी कहीं ना जाए
समंदर के सारे
तूफानों की ताकत से
माटी से सने हाथ
हँसी हँसी में निपट लें
और किरणों सी चमकती
आंखों की खुशी पे
गम की परछाईयाँ
कभी ना छायें

[inspired by the song maati by shubha mudgal]