July 31, 2009

the dead/dying leaf


i feel cold
it's not the watery expanse
that holds me tight
it isn't even the breeze
that chills the spine

i remember being warm
not too long ago
warm and cozy and cared for
and then, all of
a sudden
i was pushed away
left to the winds

and now i feel cold
the cold of the distance
from the hand that healed me
the cold of the death inside
of all that i had held dear

and now i die here
in a pool of my own tears


the memories remain
of my green days
when i used to sway
to the singing winds
and my tree hugged me
and held me tight
when the song rose
and became a din

now i'm old
too weak to hold on
my tree had to let me go
but it laid me to sleep
here on this stream

i can still see
all my childhood places
and as i am
lulled to sleep
by the ripples
the singing winds make
i can see
my tree crying
it's a rain i'm happy
to drown in

[image rights rest with basu. i was told some circular polarizer was used to take this pic. what that means, i have no idea :P]

no room for mush

बिल के बाहर झाँक
सोच रहा बेचारा सांप
ऊपर जो ये छतरी लाल है
क्या ये मेरा काल है
या फ़िर है दोस्त रंगीला
कोई साथी छैल छबीला?
ऑंखें फाड़, पूरा लीन
कर रहा अच्छे से छान बीन

image drawn by Crazy. she claims it's a frog. i, however, differ.

needle in a haystack

i tried out wolframalpha today. went there from a slashdot article. the article talked about how, for the first time, some software is claiming copyright on its output. anyway, the search engine or 'the computational knowledge engine' as its creators call it, produces some truly amazing results. while there are already lots of semantic search engines on the net, the little that i dribbled with wolframalpha, made me like the way its results are displayed and also the depth of information provided. i don't know whether there is a law dictating that depth and breadth of information are inversely proportional but it's true that this engine will not turn out results for many queries. so, for example, red hot chilli peppers will give you nutritional information of chillies and peppers. but try searching for an english word or 'who killed kennedy' or 'india' or some stock and the differences will stand out.

however, i'm not sure how all this 'making sense' of queries will make things better. true, it brings you relevant data quicker and in a more compact form - data for which you might have had to visit 2-3 pages. but the presence of information repositories like wikipedia means that, in most cases, if your query makes some sense, you'll get all the required info from wikipedia and links to more information sources. but most of the searches that people do are for queries that don't exactly 'make sense' in the first attempt - these are the queries that matter because information on others is amply available. try searching for 'rural income trends in india' and i'm sure it will be a google or yahoo that will give you your desired result.

however, semantic search is touted to be the next big thing in search. and i suppose i'm not aware of all the uses it can be put to. let's see..

July 30, 2009

yesterday vs today

What do you make of old timers, including a few composers, who denounce today's music?

I ask how can you ignore the wide variety of music you hear today? How can you not enjoy the work of some of our finest composers whose music may last for decades? Of course there is a lot of bad music but there was bad music in the past too. I do not believe that just because someone is 80, the person is full of wisdom. Sometimes a 10-year-old person can have more wisdom than a person in the 70s or 80s.

-kailash kher in an interview with rediff.

and i couldn't agree more :)

July 25, 2009

आ बैल मुझे मार

तारों की दोस्ती मुझे
महँगी पड़ गई
एक नई भारी मुसीबत
मेरे गले पड़ गई
दिन का थका इंसान
रात सो नही पाता है
लाखों तारों कि बातों का
इतना शोर जो होता है

July 24, 2009


खुशियाँ तो आती हैं
पर तेरी याद लाती हैं
तुम संग ना बाँट पाऊँ तो
हंसी भी कहाँ भाती है

डबडबायी आँखों से
सूनापन निहारते हैं हम
सब कुछ रहने पर भी
कुछ कहीं लगता है कम

कब से इस इंतज़ार में
कि फिर कब आओगे तुम
बैठे हैं हम यहाँ
खोये खोये गुमसुम

फोन की बातों में
आँखें कहाँ देख पाते हैं
खुश हो हंसो तुम जब
हंसी कहाँ देख पाते हैं

महीना हो चला है
अब दूरी भारी लगती है
तुम्हारी बातों की मिठास बिना
चाय भी फीकी लगती है

बहुत बातें कहनी है
चलो कहीं मिल आयें
चाय कि चुस्कियों पे
कुछ लम्हे काट आयें

कि इन प्यारे लम्हों के
मोती बहुत बटोरे हैं
पर मन कहाँ भरता है
ऐसी चाय के हम चटोरे हैं

[image copyright rests with Crazy. used here without permission :D. this sister tends to give me lots of 'fodder' for thought :P. this poem is for two of my favorite people, the ones explicitly/implicitly mentioned in the pic :)]

July 22, 2009

story books

कल किसी पुरानी किताब से

हमारा वो सूखा पत्ता मिला
पीपल की छाँव तले हमने
जो चुन चुन सजाये थे
उन हसीं ख्वाबों की राख का
छोटा सा टुकडा मिला

उसी किताब के पिछले पन्ने पे
तुम्हारे नामों का एक चिटठा मिला
दिन भर तुमको सोच सोच
खुद-ब-खुद चलते हाथों का लिखा
जाने कितने दिनों पहले का
ख़ुशी का छोटा बुलबुला मिला

देखा तो अब भी हमारी किताबों के
पन्ने तुमसे ही रंगे होते हैं
याद नहीं कब लिखा था उन्हे
क्या सोच रहा हूँगा उस वक़्त
पर तुमको जब ना सोचूँ
ऐसे लम्हे कम ही होते हैं

कल चरचराते पन्नों के साथ
नामों के निशाँ भी मिट जायेंगे
आज थोड़े हैं और कल शायद
हम तुम्हारे कुछ ना रह जायेंगे
पर सोचते हैं क्या हम कभी
तेरी यादों से दूर जा पाएंगे

inspired by this post and the following lines from the song pahli baar mohabbat from kaminey.

याद है..
पीपल के जिसके घने साए थे
गिलहरी के जूठे मटर खाए थे

July 20, 2009

give and take

एक तितली से मैंने
कुछ रंग मांगे हैं
उजली बदरंग जिंदगी के
कुछ नए ढंग मांगे हैं
कि भारी मन पीछे छोड़
हवाओं से नाता जोड़
उड़ जाऊं दूर कहीं
छोड़कर ये बंजर ज़मीन
फिर तितली कि बातें सुन
उसके संग सपने बुन
कल मैं भी जी जाऊँगा
किसी को रंग दे पाऊँगा

where do you live?

it seems vodafone accepts only two documents as address proof - voter card and driving license. no rental agreement and no bank pass book.

this means that it's impossible for someone who has recently moved to the city to get a vodafone connection.

and on their site, they mention a list of some 10 documents. both rental agreement and bank pass book figure in that list.

initially i thought, it was just one vendor taking extra care. but this was confirmed by 2-3 more, with one even saying that the vodafone people returned an application that had a bank pass book xerox as address proof!

what logic is this?

[i'm writing to the jharkhand customer care cell. let's see if the famous 'happy to help' slogan works :P]

July 18, 2009

:D :D

bye bye dialup. welcome broadband :) :) :) :)

July 16, 2009

1-to-1 relationship

एक तारे से मैंने पूछा

डरते नही भीड़ में
छोटी सी बाती ले
उजले समंदर में

उसने कहा:
साथी एक धरती पर

मैं अकेला नही यहाँ
मेरा ख्याल है उसे
राह तकता वो मेरी वहां
मैं बुझ गया तो
उसे ख़बर हो जायेगी
तारों के आकाश में
उसकी रौशनी कम हो जायेगी

July 15, 2009

windows ki jai ho :)

faced this problem today and i thought it might be just with XP. But apparently, it has stayed on in vista and windows 7 too!!



July 14, 2009

हाथ फैलाये

वक्त की रेत में..
धंस कर देखा है..
कितने अनजानों के संग..
हंस कर देखा है..
चलते चलते पैरों के..
तलवे घिस गए हैं..
इंतज़ार है उस दिन का..
जब कह सकें मुस्करा के..
हाँ, हमने भी कभी..
कहीं कोई अपना देखा है

the other side of the coin

the good thing about premature hairfall is that you won't have to make the difficult choice of dyeing-vs-not-dyeing :)

July 13, 2009


अधूरे रह जाते हैं जो
और रात साथ सोते हैं
आँखों के कोने में बस
बिन बात के रोते हैं
खुशियों के फूलों में
कांटे कई बोते हैं
मन में गडे-मारे ख्वाब
बडे ही कमीने होते हैं

[the music of kaminey is pretty good]

July 6, 2009

starry eyes

सितारों से मैंने पूछा
आप दिन में कहाँ चले जाते हैं
वो बोले बस आस पास ही
तुम्हारे साथ ही रहते हैं
रात वाले सारे सुन्दर सपने
दिन में हम पकडे रहते हैं
रात बंद आँखों के बाहर बैठ
दिन में आँखों में ही बस जाते हैं
कुछ रात वालों के साथ
दिन के सपने भी दिखाते हैं
क्योंकि खुली आँखों से देखे सपने
हाथ की लकीरें बनाते हैं
और तारों को पाने की राह
तारे ही बता पाते हैं

July 5, 2009

lonely at the top

he tried walking away
from everyone and everything
that was hurting him
but no matter how much he tried
and ran himself breathless
he still ran into
some of himself

and so he decided to fly
wings of desperation
fueling him on a journey
to the heavens and beyond
leaving all hurt grounded
searching for happiness
in a handful of stars

and then he sat there
looking down on the world
and everything he'd escaped from
head hung down in thought,
the acrophobia returned
the stars were hurting him now
burning him with a desire

he had wished to be alone
all he now felt was loneliness
all his life he wanted to be
the superman himself
now he longed for some eyes
to stare at him in irritation
as he cried his tears

he returned
to where he had started from
today he braves his way through
all that life throws at him
and everytime there is hurt
and he stumbles and falls
he holds onto one of himself

बात का बतंगड़

बोलती बातों की
बकर से बच के रहना
बातूनी शैतान हैं वो
बेकार की बेकारी दे जाएँगी
बस रह जाओगे तुम बरबस
बसा कर बयारों की बस्ती
बढ़-बढ़ के बकना बस फिर
बेसिरपैर की बातों से बौराना
बगैर बगलें झांके इसलिए
बंद करो ये बकर की बहस
बचकाना बचपना है ये बस
बतियाने से बदतर नहीं कोई बदमाशी