November 28, 2007

hee haw!!!

the subject - business research methods.

test duration - 1 hour 30 minutes

i stayed for - 20 mins


happy ending

the prince and his love
walked the empty street
holding hands, glowing
listening to the winds
and beating hearts.

i was sitting alone
and i saw them coming
tears in their eyes
and i thought
there's one more tragedy
a love unfulfilled
but they were smiling
and walking on air.

i asked and they said
we are crying away
all our hate and sadness
we've met at last
and we are never gonna cry
the tears you see
are those of joy.

they passed me by
and i was happy
even as i sat down
to cry in the empty street
happy to see all that love.

and then i realized
i could listen to the winds
and my heart beating
and the stars speaking.

the happiness that did all that
was right there
behind all the tears
and now i could cry
tears of joy
for my princess.

November 24, 2007


i found this link a few days ago. i decided i'd try this out. but folding 500 triangles isn't an easy job!! three days ago, i started making my swan. the triangles took most of the time. assembly took only about an hour. so here are the pics [:)]!!

ain't it beautiful ?? [:)]

folding the triangles got boring after a point and this made me watch movies while doing the tedious work. i saw the notebook, charlie and the chocolate factory, american history x and cashback.

now going to sleep. have had a splitting headache right from the moment i woke up. time for a crocin.

November 22, 2007


nothing. and yet everything.
empty. and so full.

the pain of loneliness,
or the bliss of peace?

one moment frozen in time,
as the heart leaps in joy,
or an endless eternity,
zilch on either side?

solace in oneself
and the absence of someone.

everything i want. and hate.
all i run from. and embrace.

but words aren't enough evidence
when i talk about my silence.


clad in an oppressive darkness
i walk the streets thru the night
it's cold and i'm freezing over
shivering in spite of myself
every step is an effort
but i strive and struggle and carry on
there is someting i want to see

frozen in time and space
it's a moment long lost
happy and bright and warm
but i can only look at it
from across a wall of cold ice

it's gone in a flash every time
a fleeting glimpse of a firefly
the world seems darker and colder
and yet, i do it again..and again..

i walk the streets again
a labyrinth of memories
there's nowhere else i can go
this is the only mind i have...

inspired by the movie cashback.

November 18, 2007

identity crisis

i see 'roll number:' and i write 02MA2005.

when will i become B07032 ?

old habits die hard. especially the ones that lasted for five long years.

November 16, 2007

statement of purpose

there was this company which made us fill a loooooooong form! there was a question which said - every leader has a statement of purpose. what is your statement of purpose? to which i wrote :

Agent Smith says: It is purpose that created us. Purpose that connects us. Purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us. It is purpose that defines, purpose that binds us.

And yet, my statement of purpose is to have no purpose. This might be termed desultory but I prefer to call it fluidity. How can I chart out a path or even envision one when the landscape I'm traversing keeps changing by the day? I don't want to let my dreams be bound and shaped by a purpose.

Does that mean I'll be blown away by every storm I chance to cross? Or that I'll try to evade every such turmoil? No, because water may seem fluid and shapeless and weak but try hitting the surface of a pool with an open palm and it hurts. Water charts its own path across mountains and valleys, conquering everything just because its very amorphousness gives it the power to permeate and win over all.

But of one thing I'm sure. My leadership style is going to be inclusive – to the maximum possible extent. Because I believe in these lines:

When you say 'I lead'
Don't let the 'I' lead you
Leadership isn't about
Walking ahead of others
Walk together and see yourself
Leading 'I' and everyone else.
(Naween - Oct, 2007)

'Purposeless with a clear leadership style' isn't the best statement of purpose that could be. But I'm not dreamless. And that, I believe, is all I need.

the masterstroke, of course, was 'naween - oct, 2007'!! hee haw!!

needless to say, i wasn't even shortlisted [:D]!!

btw, there was another question below this: what are your short term and long term goals?

short term: to earn lots of money

long term: refer to the answer above (by which i meant the SOP)

:D :D :D

let's discuss things...

if there's one thing of the summer placements i want to write about, it is the spectre of group discussions... in two of the GDs i didn't utter a single word!! in one case, i just didn't feel like talking, and the other was just plain fucking insane!!

=> pray tell me, why should there be points for giving a bloody structure to the GD? and what structure people give!! let us first dissect the meaning of all the words and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages!! what the bloody fuck!! do we really need to define words like marketing? what kind of an imbecile do you think me to be? and the funniest part is that after someone has given the said structure, someone else will go ahead to give the same structure again!!

=>everyone in the group says before the GD - let's try not to make it a fish market!! and still everyone will shout and bawl and cry and whine!! and it will end up becoming a fish market!! you get to hear that word often in conjunction with GDs - 'fish market'!! the panel will say - we don't want a fish market!! and they'll go ahead and choose the loudest fish of them all!!

=>and the most irritating thing of all (i don't blame the people, it's the MCN prof that should take the blame for this) - people always try to bring in names of authors and weird words, even if it has no fucking relation whatsoever with the matter being discussed!! as we read in Kotler...

=>i can't use terms like my worthy friend, my esteemed colleague.. or sentences like i agree with you there (actually used to interrupt someone) or i beg to differ ...

i shout my heart out when watching a cricket match... but i can't out-shout someone who's hell bent on saying a point that he's already shouted out twice...

=>i don't think i'm obliged to be polite to girls even when all she's uttering is crap...

why the fuck am i writing all this?

if you want to call this the rant of a loser, go ahead!! i couldn't care less!!

November 15, 2007


सृष्टि से पहले सत् नहीं था, असत भी नहीं था
आकाश भी नहीं था, अंतरिक्ष भी नहीं
छुपा था क्या, कहाँ, किसने ढका था
उस पल तो अगम अतल जल भी नहीं था ...

-भारत एक खोज का शीर्षक गीत

don't know why i remembered this today !!

November 10, 2007

twinkle twinkle little star...

i tried to draw my dreams
across the starry sky
tracing them out in light
against the darkness

but the stars kept shifting
and running and flowing
as if something very cruel
didn't want me to dream

and then, i realized
that something was my tears
i was seeing the stars
from behind a watery veil

there was no way i could
draw with those stars
they were all my dreams
all of them now dead

November 9, 2007


i had a haircut [:D]!

November 8, 2007


naween getting bored in class. he wants to do something. has some paper at hand. fingers fly in a flurry of activity. and whoa!! we have created something...

looks good. but what is it? has to be named now...

i hereby proclaim this to be my fiefdom!! [a la truman brubank in the mirror scene]

i initially tried to make a revolver or a sword. but i had forgotten how. and the flag seemed to be a better idea!!

all that remains now is to say the final words....


November 7, 2007


you've driven thru the night

weary and terror-torn
the escape seemed impossible
and the thorns too painful
there's the pre-dawn light
but all you feel is darkness
drooping eyelids, sagging shoulders
you had expected happiness
but indifference is all that's there
there's a dash of pride though
you didn't resign yourself to fate
you chose to act
and the journey is now over

suddenly, the pain returns
the heart is held in a vice
and the thorns bleed you again
startled, you open your eyes
it's all the same again
you've come full circle

and then it dawns upon you
you can't run away from yourself

written in a MTP class..