January 31, 2008


what do you do if you have many files with names like f34dklkls29uiy7kl.flv? what if you want to rename and sort them according to content? what if these files are a total of about 19 Gb? what if each file is about 20 Mb in size, meaning the number is in excess of 1400?

seeing the content and renaming all these files is quite an onerous task. something i've been postponing for many days now.

but why undertake this activity at all? in this particular case, it's absolutely crucial.

but what if the content of all these files is similar? what if the basic things are the same in all these files and there very little to differentiate one from the other?

i'll give you some of the names i came up with:
blue bed.flv, black dress.flv, red slip.flv, balcony.flv, brown couch.flv, black and bracelet.flv, bathroom.flv, blow.flv, cheetah print.flv, china on top.flv, white doggy.flv, fat and red.flv, golden hair.flv, legal and slow.flv, old and green.flv, sleepy.flv, yellow curtains.flv etc etc..

but there's a limit to my creativity and my observational skills.

some of the side-effects of studying in a place where the LAN isn't rich in adult content.

i think i'm going to get RSI from all that clicking and downloading.

hee hee!!

अँधेरे से डर लगना
बुरा थोडे ही होता है
डरने और हारने में
बहुत फासला होता है
हिम्मत कि पैदाईश
डर से होने की रीत है
क्योंकि Dew वाले कहते हैं
डर के आगे जीत है

written in a strategy class... this is becoming a regular feature - writing bakwaas poems in strategy classes [:P]

January 30, 2008


most probably, harbhajan said teri 'maa ki' which symonds heard as monkey.

and the case was decided in favor of harbhajan.

and i wonder, how is an expletive involving race worse than one involving your mother?

January 29, 2008


मिटटी का घरौंदा
जो बनाया था कभी
तुमने हथेली पर
टूट कर बिखर गया

रेत का मकान
उलझी लकीरों के
गहरे दरारों में
कहीं खो गया

रह गयी तो बस
खुरदरी सी ज़मीन
सपनों के चुभते टुकड़े
रिसते रिश्तों का सूनापन

बंद मुट्ठी में सहेजो
कुछ कल कि यादें
तो कल धुंधला हो जाता है
रेत से छिलती है हथेली

घरौंदे की रेत
हाथों में मलते
बिखरी लकीरों को समेटते
गुज़रती है ज़िंदगी

जब सारे फूल
मुरझा कर टूट जाते हैं
और मिठास भरे पल
कहीं गुम हो जाते हैं
तो याद आते हैं
कुछ गुज़रे दिन के
दिल से फूटे बोल
जब मैंने कहा था-

इक मिटटी का घरौंदा
हथेली पर तुम बनाना
मैं सींचूं बगिया को
फूलों को तुम सजाना

मैं मूरख बावरा
कोई चूक कर जाऊँगा
तुम कान पकड़ना
मैं जग जाऊँगा

जागती आंखों में जब
टूटे घरौंदे की
परछाईं कौंधती है
और बिखरी हुई रेत
को सहेजते
मन भर सा आता है
तब सच कहता हूँ
बड़ा मन होता है
कोई होता जो आता
सारे आंसू पोंछ
कान पकड़
मुझे जगा जाता

sob sob

there's something wrong with me. i'm feeling cold.

January 28, 2008

half-baked ideas

अधूरे से इक ख्याल
अधूरे से इक ख्वाब
के लिए
मांगी मैंने इक दुआ
ये सोच कर
कि कुछ पूरी होगी
अधूरी तस्वीर
आंखों को मीचे
मैंने भरे कुछ रंग
खींची कुछ लकीरें
कि देख सकूं
एक पूरा सपना
पर आंखें खोलीं तो
सामने बुत भी अधूरे थे
अब क्या करूं
अधूरे बुतों से
अधूरे ख्वाबों की
अधूरी सी दुआ माँग
अधूरी तस्वीर के पूरे होने का
ख्वाब कैसे देखूं ?
[based on a true incident. written in a strategy class where i find all the arguments incomplete.]


i'm fast running out of people i could share a smile with.

but worse than this:

i'm fast running out of people i could cry to.

January 24, 2008


me: mummy, hum dost ki shaadi mein durgapur jaa rahe hain

mummy: thik hai.. par dhyan se rahna.. kisi ladki wadki ko mat chhed dena..

January 22, 2008

smile, an everlasting smile

i see you smile
and the fears vanish
the clouds clear
and i feel warm
pampered and cared for
bathed in Sunshine

and i wish
i could freeze
the moment for eternity
care for you
and love you like mad
and the smile stays
forever and ever

i wish i could
hold you tight
cry all your tears
and protect you
from the world
and from me

nothing in this world is
more beautiful than
the twinkle-in-the-eye smile
you are smiling

and then i realise
the smile's not for me
not anymore
but i stand there
taking it all in
making a memory

January 20, 2008

good morning/night

mornings sunny and bright
if only i'd see them right
a sign of time newly arrived
or some trick the fates contrived
but it feels good to see the sun rise
even though i long for sleep in these eyes
sleep will come on its own will
but i'll drink light to my fill
and when it's dark again
and when the fear will reign
i'll have some of the sun
here with me, as i run.

written after a night out...going to sleep now...

January 19, 2008

no more nano

i hate the tata nano.

i'm sick of hearing its name.

every professor worth his salt can't help saying the N-word.

January 18, 2008

from the heart

i ran up to you
lifted you in my arms
and spun around
faster and faster
till the rest of the world
was a meaningless blur
you were there alone
a constant in a void
my anchor and solace
for eternity

it wasn't eternity
as it turned out to be
and here i am
running and spinning
faster and faster
all the world
a meaningless blur
all without you
and i can do nothing
but go on running

memories don't come
with an expiry date
and i can't ever
stop loving you
no matter how far
you might be
the dreams i once saw
lie in pieces now
but i still dream
of your smile

a picture of your smile
lies by my bedside
and i'll cry to sleep
one more night

January 15, 2008

walk down memory lane

i walk this road again
with the rains beating down
drenched to the skin
it's all blurry and hazy
is it the rain
or my tears
blinding me?

against my wishes
my hand stretches out
looking for yours
as i remember
the times we walked together
this same road
hand in hand

i curl my fingers in a fist
till my fingers bleed
and the puddles turn red

i feel the water around me
and i feel you
right here beside me
all around me
there isn't a shred
of my existence
that doesn't carry your name

and so i walk alone
and yet not alone
i have you with me
even though you left me
crying in the rains

January 11, 2008


you have those fake accounts on orkut, with sexy pics of some gal and a provocative 'about me'. there are always certain despo guys on orkut who'll try to maaro chance even on these obvious fakes. here are a few interesting scraps from such an account:
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God!! what some people will do just to write a post [:P]!!

January 8, 2008


in a wilderness, deep and hounding
in a river, endless and full of tears
in a day, long and drawn out
in myself, my thoughts and dreams
i'm lost

in a din that's deafening me
in a silence that's threatening me
in a crowd that's smothering me
in a solitude that's chilling me
i'm lost

i've lost the 'i' i knew once

January 7, 2008

दिल तो पागल है !!

मन के पंख हजार
हर पल नयी कहानियाँ.
मिट्टी से गढे कुछ पुतले
मुस्कानों से तराशे
आंसुओं में बह जाते हैं
जब सपने टूटते हैं
तुमसे बात करने का
मन होता है

दौड़ते भागते रास्तों पर
मन कहाँ ठहरता है
लुका-छिपी धुप से खेल
किरणों की धुंध में
कभी मन सहम जाता है
जब डर लगता है
तुम्हारा हाथ थामने का
मन होता है

मन तो मन है
किसी की कहाँ सुनता है
हर पल तुमको सोच
मन रोता है

inspired by mann hota hai from the new album of atif

January 5, 2008

liquid tale

I am the river
turbulent and ebullient
crashing against rocks
breaking some, eroding some

I am the lake
calm and patient outwards
teeming with life within
a mirror to the moon

I am the rains
quenching the parched earth
harbinger of hope
symbol of the cycle of life

I am the sea
endless eternity
a challenge to the daring
serenity and death

I am water
shapeless, amorphous
make me what you will
i’ll make you in the end

I am life.




and the p's start appearing as inverted d's.



and humpty dumpty broke his crown.

pd = punjabi dhaba

dp = durga puja

pid = process identifier

dpi = dots per inch

pde = partial differential equations

edp = employee data processing

dap = download accelerator plus

adp = adenosine diphosphate

dup = duplicate

opd = out-patient dept

pp = pages

dd = demand draft, doordarshan

pie pie wasool loonga.

dye dye abhi nahi.

pee pee chiii chiii.

peedhee dar peedhee. pusht dar pusht.

p.a. = persona assistant father pascal per annum public address?

d.a. = district attorney dearness allowance?

if pwd = public works dept, then phd = potential horrors dept?

potter potter harry potter.

penfriend = post se banao dost?

paah! duh!

श्याम - श्वेत

काली परछाइयाँ
दरारों से रिसती
ख्यालों में चुभती
अंधेरों में पिसती
कुछ अनजान निशानियाँ

पर हर साए के पीछे
कोई तो किरण है
साए को पकडो तो
मुट्ठी सफ़ेद हो जाती है
सब मन का भरम है
कालापन तो अन्दर है
ये हैं किरणों में लिपटी