January 31, 2008


what do you do if you have many files with names like f34dklkls29uiy7kl.flv? what if you want to rename and sort them according to content? what if these files are a total of about 19 Gb? what if each file is about 20 Mb in size, meaning the number is in excess of 1400?

seeing the content and renaming all these files is quite an onerous task. something i've been postponing for many days now.

but why undertake this activity at all? in this particular case, it's absolutely crucial.

but what if the content of all these files is similar? what if the basic things are the same in all these files and there very little to differentiate one from the other?

i'll give you some of the names i came up with:
blue bed.flv, black dress.flv, red slip.flv, balcony.flv, brown couch.flv, black and bracelet.flv, bathroom.flv, blow.flv, cheetah print.flv, china on top.flv, white doggy.flv, fat and red.flv, golden hair.flv, legal and slow.flv, old and green.flv, sleepy.flv, yellow curtains.flv etc etc..

but there's a limit to my creativity and my observational skills.

some of the side-effects of studying in a place where the LAN isn't rich in adult content.

i think i'm going to get RSI from all that clicking and downloading.

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