July 28, 2008


prof (on something concerning making out a trend in a series of data) - now you are starting to see. the only problem with you people is you never start on top.

and a quip from ranvir shourey, which i've been trying to post for many days now, but forget every time. tried to find the article but couldn't remember the exact words.

reporter: did you feel uncomfortable kissing mallika?
ranveer: why should i feel so?
reporter: umm.. coz she's more experienced than you?
ranveer: i don't think so. i think i'm as good at her at kissing.
reporter: but compared to you, she's kissed more times on screen.
ranveer: well, then to decide this topic, you'll have to find someone who's kissed both mallika and me.

July 27, 2008


i'm golden-winged
i'm blood-stained

i'll let you
stop all thoughts
and i'll fill your head
with thorned thoughts

you can use me
to drown all your tears
you can use me
to bury all your smiles

i'll let you speak
a thousand words at once
i'll let you say
all that you've never said

i'm guilt-ridden
i'm revenge-driven

i could be your awe
of the morning sun
i could be your fears
of the lonely night

i'm myriad-faced
i'm mystery-laced

i could be love
with a warm feeling
i could be hate
with all the seething

i'll be with you
in your lone walks
i'll be with you
in the noisiest crowds
i'll be with you
when all else leaves you
i'll be with you
when you leave everyone

and when it rains
i'll talk with the raindrops
and when it pains
i'll talk with your teardrops

i am silence

[this could have been structured better. but i like it this way.]

j for jokes, j for jit

prof (teaching credit risk) says: i'll open a chit fund, gather all the money and run away from jamshedpur to jodhpur. because i like places starting with a 'j'.

i say: j for jail.

prof comes up with a reply, but it takes him some precious seconds.


[:D :D ]

July 26, 2008

fix you

and the tears come streaming down your face

when you lose something you can't replace
when you love someone but it goes to waste

and dead dreams make you die every night
when you try everything and nothing seems right
when you bleed but can't make yourself fight

and you'd rather have what you never had
when all your mistakes make you feel so bad
when everything happy makes you feel sad

and you pray and pray but the phone doesn't ring
when you feel songs aren't for you to sing
when you are the butterfly without a wing

and time goes by every second, every day
when you stand there and let it pass away
when you reach out for someone who didn't stay

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
and i will try to fix you

[lifted in parts from fix you - coldplay. the song, btw, was written by chris martin, the lead singer, for his wife gwyneth paltrow after the death of her father]

July 25, 2008

you complete me

i was falling through empty space

seeking someone to break my fall
but there you are now
you chose to fall with me.
you complete me.

as far as i could see
there were demons of darkness
you are the sunshine of my life
you sat through the night with me.
you complete me.

i faltered at every step
the hope fairy had long flown away
you could have finished the race
but you stayed back for me.
you complete me.

there were just too many crossroads
it was the end of the road for me
you had travelled too far, too long
but you walked the maze with me.
you complete me.

the crowds shoved me around
i longed for a gentle touch
you held me in your arms
you braved my storms for me.
you complete me.

you loved me like no one ever did
you loved me like no one ever will
i love you
you complete me.

["i love you. you complete me" is from the movie jerry mcguire. and 'you complete me' is also from 'the dark knight', though in an entirely different context [:P]]

July 24, 2008


one-hour test.
four 5-mark questions.
write 1-2 lines for each.
mind gone blank.
finish in 15 mins.
go to submit the paper.
prof stretches out his hand.
his secy stretches out her hand.
prof has queer expression on face.
i pause for a moment.
hand the paper to the secy.
run away.

July 22, 2008


it rained today.
for me.


कुछ ख़त उन्हें भेज कर
हम रोते हैं चुपचाप कि
आँखें तरस गयीं बरस कर
कोई जवाब नही आया कभी
पर कहनी है जो बातें
कलम से निकल ही जाती हैं
और रोते रोते भी हम
कागज़ काले कर देते हैं
आंखों से बहकी नींद
आंसुओं से पूछती है
बातों की तो कमी
कभी होगी नही शायद
फ़िर कब तक चलेगी
खतों की ये कवायद
पर वो भी क्या करें
कहनी है उन्हें भी कुछ बातें
खतों को बडे प्यार से सम्भाल
रखा है सिरहाने पे
कलम उनकी भी कांपती है
जवाब देने को कभी
पर समझ में ना आए
की क्या लिखा जाए
क्यूंकि मेरे सारे शब्द
आंसुओं से धुल कर सफ़ेद हैं
और कोरे कागज़ के
गीले से चेहरे के भाव
वो चाह कर भी
कभी पढ़ नही पाए हैं

July 20, 2008

of quoted searches

sometimes google can be extra helpful and you have to ask it specifically to stop helping you. like i realised today.

a search for hypothesis testing confidence interval eviews
gave results most of which had the word reviews. there are fewer results with eviews in it and the helpful soul that google search is, it assumed that i must have spelled it wrongly.

finally, had to include eviews in quotes to get the required results.

i love google [:)]!

बातों का सिलसिला

, तुम्हारी मेरी बातें

हमेशा यूँ ही चलती रहें
ये, हमारी मुलाकातें
हमेशा यूँ ही चलती रहें
बीतें यूँ ही हमारे सारे दिन रात
बातों से निकलती रहे नई बात
फ़िर वही बातें ले कर
गीत कोई हम लिखें
जो दिल को,
हाँ सबके दिल को छू ले
बातों सुरों में यूँ ही पिघलती रहें
बातें गीतों में यूँ ही ढलती रहें

तेरी आंखों की पलकों तले
हम कहीं दुनिया सजा लें
कि तेरी भवों की गांठों से
हम तुम बस संग बंधते रहें
तेरी मुस्कानों और शरारतों में
भूल जायें हम बाकी सारी बातें
मुंडेर पे अपने तारों को ताकते
गुज़रे अब अपनी सारी काली रातें

और जब चाँद पहरे से थक जाए
और सूरज तेरी हँसी ओढे आ जाए
तेरी बातों से हम जगा करें
कुछ हंस कर तुझे बाहों में भरें
सपनों को सारे बस अपने
हम दिन में तुझ संग जी लें
और बातों बातों में गले लग के
अपने जहाँ को करीब रख सकें

ये, तुम्हारी मेरी बातें
हमेशा यूँ ही चलती रहें
ये, हमारी मुलाकातें
हमेशा यूँ ही चलती रहें
तुम बैठी रहो बस यूँ ही
और हम तुम्हे तकते रहें
तुम कहती रहो बस कुछ भी
और हम भी कुछ बकते रहें

[the first para is from a song from the movie rock on!]

July 19, 2008

black hole

i was left
clutching a void
and though i tried
filling it with
my endless tears
i couldn't match
eternity with eternity

the void's all
i'm left with
i'm holding it
as tight as one can
hold an absence

there are a lot of things
i could fill it with
but the thing is:
i continue to be
happy about things
that make me sad

July 18, 2008


"i love you."

"i already know that. tell me something new."

"i love you."

"didn't you hear me? i love you too but let's talk about something else. "

"i love you."

"why are you stuck on that one line? i have already heard it from you a million times with the same queer expression on your face."

"i love you."

"now this is getting tiresome. do you want me to think that these three are the only words of english that you know ?"

"i love you."

"i know, i KNOW !! but there are other things we could talk about, things much more interesting than this nonsense."

"i love you."

"please. love isn't the only thing on my mind right now. there's so much we have to talk about."

"i love you."

"have you gone mad? i know love has this effect on certain people but you are really stretching the limit a bit now."

"i love you."

"that does it!! the next time you're gonna utter that stupid sentence, i'll simply walk away and leave you here to utter those confounded words to yourself as many times as you may wish."

"i love you."

"i don't love you anymore. this is the height of insanity. last warning. do you have something else to say??"

"i love you."

"GOOD BYE!! and for good."

"but i still love you."

[image from xkcd]

morning after the night

every morning i wake up

i expect to find her still there
but all i find
when i turn to her side of the bed
is my own reflection
in the broken mirror

there's still the taste
of her lipstick on my lips
her perfume fills the room
and my nostrils
a few strands of her hair
some scrapings of her nailpolish
and some of her rouge
on the pillow
that's all

we are the children of the dark
of the night
the day won't have us together
neither would we.

i don't seek
just the comfort of her body
it's the question of losing myself
in someone other than me
of forgetting for a few moments
who or what i am

i sit there on the bed
and let my senses soak
every remnant of her
and that's my cue
to withdraw all bridges
and get back to being me
the mirror is whole again

but how i wish
i'd wake some day
in her arms

July 17, 2008

think before you write/speak

prof gives some group assignment in class - to pick the top two questions out of some forty. and then after some time says: are you people done with your cherry-picking?

seen in an orkut testimonial - big things cum in small packages.

should i change the title to: think before you interpret?

July 15, 2008

beauty and the beast go to class

two pencil shavings found in the desk drawer. and i got wings [:)]! good that i had carried a red pen to class today.

adding value to my jeans [:P]!!

[locale was a Competition and Globalization class]

July 14, 2008


i won't build
my dreams around you
or think of you
every moment of the day

i won't long
to see your smile
or hear your voice
or hold your hand

i won't interfere
in your life
or intrude into
your happiness

i won't want you
to care for me
or be with me
in my sadness

can i still love you?

July 12, 2008

cyclical industry

prof: you there, what's your name?

naween busy in scribbling something. gets nudged by the student next to him.

naween: umm.. sir, naween.

prof: you know you remind me of a friend of mine. he used to look exactly like you in our college days. he went on to make some short films. are you also creative?

naween: no sir.

prof: okay. but you really look like him. i'll show you his photograph some day.

naween: ok, sir.


July 11, 2008


रात में सिराहने पे तेरे
एक साया मेरा होता है
आंसू आयें तेरी आंखों में
कोई तेरे साथ रोता है

तारों के आकाश में
एक तारा मेरा भी होता है
सो जाए तू मुस्कराती हुई
तभी जाकर वो सोता है

जिस तितली के पर तू छुए
उसका एक रंग मेरा होता है
मीलों दूर तेरे लिए
कोई ढेरों रंग संजोता है

बारिश की बूंदों में
एक एहसास तेरा होता है
भीग जाती हैं आँखें
जब मन तेरे लिए रोता है


i should give up the habit of seeing movies in reverse. in reverse in fast fwd.

i really should.

July 9, 2008


akele hain to kya gum hai
chaahein to hamare bas mein kya nahi

and then, a line later..

bas ik zara, saath ho tera...

tch tch !!

sleepy stories

जुगनू रातों में ...जागे तो कब सोते हैं? पूँछ पे लालटेन लिए जुगनू बेचारा.. खोजता फिरता रौशनी जो बस उसके साथ ही है? पर रौशनी को पकड़े तो पकड़े कैसे? बस हल्का सा उजियाला दिखता है, और बाकी सब अँधेरा... और अंधेरे में डर लगता है... अँधेरा डरता होगा क्या? रौशनी से नही, ख़ुद से ही? ...कि जैसे वो अंतहीन है, तो ख़ुद में नही खो जाता होगा? अँधेरा अंधेरे में गुम.. गुमसुम गुमसुम...चुप-चाप रहती है कुछ आंखें.. चुप्पी कि पलकों तले छुप के..कुछ बातें गले लगा के.. लगायी है किसी ने कभी अंधेरे को आग? .. कि आग से अँधेरा भागने कि जगह अंधेरे को ही आग लगा दी जाए...पर अँधेरा नही होगा तो निंदिया रानी कैसे आयेगी?.. निंदिया रानी, करती है मनमानी...आंखों में भरी नींद से आंखों में भरी अनकही बातें गपशप करती हैं..और नींद भी बेशरम सी मन लगा कर बातें सुनने बैठ जाती है.. सारे काम छोड़ कर...फ़िर आँखें नींद को रातों में जुगनू दिखाती हैं...पर अनकही बातों के अंधेरे में नींद को जुगनू कहाँ दिखेंगे..तो कुछ मन कि टिमटिम को ही जुगनू मान आंखों कि नींद खुश हो जाती है और उछल उछल कर आँखों को अन्दर झाँकने को कहती है.. पर आँखें तो बावरी होती हैं..सुनेंगी तो कभी नही... तो बस निंदिया रानी रूठ जाती है.. और फ़िर से आंखें जुगनू देखने लगती हैं..निंदिया के इन्तेज़ार में॥

July 8, 2008

cross hairs

माथे की हर एक शिकन
हाथ की लकीर बन गई
जिस हँसी का था भरोसा
जाने कितने आंसू बन गई

[handiwork of a Competition and Globalization class]

July 7, 2008

sorry state :P

every time i'm happy
and i can't share it with you
i end up
telling you everything
speaking to myself
crying to myself
i miss you
and it hurts

every time i realise
you're just a phone call away
i end up
staring at the phone
wishing it to ring
crying to myself
i miss you
and it hurts

every morning i wake up
to a memory long lost
and i end up
remembering many more
wishing you were here
crying to myself
i miss you
and it hurts

but more than everything else
it hurts every time
i tell myself you're gone
never to come back
it's been a year or more
and i still do it everyday
cry to myself
and miss you

July 6, 2008

market murals

this says: when you visit the guys, you will find it difficult to keep the girls away. hmm.. when did girls start liking this sort of stuff??

this one seems to be straight out of the books written on indian secularism. a shiv mandir that has representation for all religions on its walls. but the pessimist in me says that this is some right-wing extremist saying that hinduism is above all religions..

this one is.. well.. a lesson in transliteration... and the adverse effects of a botched effort..


Do u people hardly ever kiss or does lip 2 lip action make your heart sing? know ur kiss effect; sms KISS to 58888

i'm speechless. i really am.

July 5, 2008

devil's workshop

a sheet of silver paper
a sheet of golden paper
a fevistick
a toota-foota cardboard box
lots of faaltu time

think of all that you have to do today. then come to the conclusion that all of it can't be done. set your mind to binary mode. it's either all or none. since it can't be all, it has to be none. that decision made, think. you now have spare time on your hands. brainstorm. you absolutely have to do something.

the result:

clap clap!! you' finally did something!

July 4, 2008


आंखों में झाँक लें तेरी
तो आँखें सुस्ता लें
नहीं तो आंखों में मेरी
बूंदों की नही कमी अभी

पर शिकवा किसी से नही
कुछ किस्मत की भी है कही
आपको यहाँ ग़लत कैसे कहूं
जब हमें नज़र चुराने से फुर्सत नही?

July 3, 2008

harmless talk

student goes to the blackboard and writes down his solution to the problem.

prof says he has a slightly different solution.

another student says: sir, please show us yours.

prof says: look, you are paying something now.. and getting the return later.

i say: HAW!!

July 2, 2008

star wars

shooting-star-streaked skies
ripe for burning wishes
lightning across the dark skies
transient scintillations
and the ashes fall down
to carve a grave out of nothing
all the dreams woven
out of the starry threads
die a sooty death somewhere above
and each speck created stares
as if posing a challenge
wonder which dream i come from?