March 22, 2009


i hate to bring this up, but i think i love you.

why would you hate to mention this?

i was hoping you'd say it. i'd rather not undergo the suspense around your decision.

so you are afraid that i will say no.

afraid? terrified!! mortally so!

but i thought we'd come to know each other fairly well after all this time we've spent.

you're saying that i should already know your answer?

something like that.

i can guess to a fair degree. but this is something where the smallest of uncertainty can kill me.

is it so?

i've never been more certain of anything in life than this love for you.

but you said you think you love me.

that was because i was nervous.

is that the only reason?

no, it's not.

out with it!!

i thought that if i began so and you refused, i could hide behind the fig leaf of confused emotions.

but what purpose would it have served?

that way, i could have remained friends with you.

you really think you could have done that?

i know i couldn't. but i would have tried.


because i can't bear the thought of not talking to you. of not able to tell you things when i want to.

you love me so much?

yes, i do.

and you think i'd have let you reach this stage if i didn't love you myself?

you love me too?

yes, i do.

March 21, 2009

randomly random

right now, i have:

-the beginnings of a bout of cold and/or cough, accompanied by sneezathons
-a cramp in my neck and a crick in my back ( all from sudden sneezes)
-the skin of my finger tips peeling off like that of a boiled potato. a few more days and i think i'll be able to see the blood vessels inside.
-a headache, despite a crocin an hour ago
-a feeling of terrible and utter boredom

now for some song recommendations:

-all songs of gulaal
-from sikandar: gulon mein, serene version (sung by the wonderful mohit chauhan), dhoop ke sikke (the humming in the beginning is catchy), and chaal apni
-kal kissne dekha: aalam guzarne ko and tere bin lagta nahin
-aloo chaat: dhadke jiya
-dhoondhte rah jaoge: none
-13B: aasmaan odh kar
-aa dekhein zara: mohabbat apse
-lottery: none
-straight: none
-ek: none
-and again: ALL songs of gulaal

PS1: for those of you interested in mindless action flicks (eg transporter) banlieue 13 is the movie to watch
PS2: if you have a filter that's set to archive but gets you a lot of mails which you want to read, try multiple inbox. i use it to manage a separate mail account whose mails i redirect to my gmail account.
PS3: unlike many people, i don't find anything particularly wrong with the new facebook look. i think people just want things to be the way they are.

March 16, 2009

good morning

here comes the sun, little darling
here comes the sun, and i say it's all right

the night is over, after all this time
and you can let go of the stars
the sun is here, to hold you tight
you don't need to cut yourself with the stars

here comes the sun, little darling
here comes the sun, burning so bright

[partially lifted from here comes the sun - a wonderful song by the beatles. i came across it today when the bee movie ended with this song.]

March 11, 2009

ए अजनबी ...

मेरा तुम्हारा क्या रिश्ता है, कुछ भी नही
फ़िर भी जाने तुम क्यूँ लगते हो अजनबी नहीं
तुमसे बातें ना करूँ तो कुछ कमी लगती है
ढलती रात भी कहीं बेवजह खलती है
गुज़रो तुम पास से तो कुछ कह तो नही पाता हूँ
पर जाने कहाँ से हजारों बातें गढ़ जाता हूँ

नामों के सांचों से अब तक परे रखा है
हक और अहम् जैसे शब्दों से बचा रखा है
जाने कैसे बुलाऊँ, कुछ कहते मन डरता है
पर बेनामी रिश्ते कोई कैसे बचा सकता है
याद करो कभी तो नाम चाहिए होते हैं
बातों के हाथ-पैर, मुकाम चाहिए होते हैं

कल यादें, बातें धुंधली हो जायेंगी
फ़िर ये कहानी कैसे पहचानी जायेगी

the song mera tumhara from 'socha na tha' is a beautiful one. :)

March 5, 2009


i lie to myself

to stay alive
though they kill
some of me
the world i live
is built of lies
walls i build to
keep truth away
hidden in a maze
i hope i never
wake up to light
and see my walls
washed away
and me standing
naked, bleeding
all the gashes
all the bruises
i've tried to hide
behind my lies

March 2, 2009

stationery inventory

60+ pens, about 6 and a half pencils, 3-4 highlighters, 2 scissors, one gum bottle, 2 gum sticks, one .5 mm pencil, one pack each of pencil crayons and wax crayons, some post-it notes, staplers (two i think, but i can't find the second), some refills, a box of paper clips, a bundle of envelopes, 2-3 cellotapes, two boxes of .5 mm leads, 2 boxes of staples...

i don't know why, how, when or where i got those pens from.. must have an equal number at home, i think.. you see, i have a knack of finding pens.. and dunno why i still buy some.. all of them in the price range Rs 5-15.. any pricier and i don't think it serves any real purpose.. there are lots of colors - red, blue, green .. [in kgp, i had purple, brown and pink too].. glitter pens - silver, black and golden..

guess i'm destined to be an author [;)]

partnership firm

हाथ थामे चलना हो

तो दोनों के दाएं हाथ संग कैसे
एक दाँया होगा, एक बाँया होगा
दूर खड़े दूरी को कोसने से
दूरियां भला मिटेंगी कैसे
तुम्हे चलना होगा, मुझे भी चलना होगा

जैसा-जैसा सोचो, वैसा तो होता नही
नहीं तो दुनिया में कोई कभी रोता नही
पर हर किसी के साथ तुम सा कोई होता नही
हर किसी के साथ और कोई रोता नहीं

फ़िर अब हमें रोकेगा कौन, और कैसे
तेरी धूप की सुनहरी चादर तले
काली स्याह रात खलेगी तो कैसे

फिर जब चलते चलते हम कहीं थक जायेंगे
चार हथेलियाँ मिलकर इक घरौंदा बनायेंगी
उसकी रेत में कहीं अपने सपने मिल जायेंगे
और सागर की लहरें उसका कुछ न कर पाएँगी

बस तुम हाथ ये थामे रहना

[i love those two lines of the song rehna tu from delhi-6.]


टूटी थी कश्ती कभी
और अब एक तख्ते पर मैं
और एक तख्ते पे तुम
चले जा रहें हैं कहीं
जाने कैसी हैं नदियाँ ये
कि बस दूर ही हुए जा रहे हैं
आज तो कुछ चिल्ला कर
कर लेते हैं थोडी बातें
आंसू भरे चेहरे नही दिखते पर
दूसरे के होने का एहसास तो है
कल लेकिन तुम इतने दूर
कहीं दूर चले जाओगे
कि दिखना तो दूर की बात
कोई आवाज़ भी ना मेरी सुन पाओगे
फ़िर रह जाएगा घुटती साँसों का शोर
और लहरों की कर्कश आवाजें
फ़िर सारी बातें मन में समेटे
अपने तख्ते को कस कर पकड़े
मैं बस यहीं इन्ही धारों में कहीं
बहता रहूँगा अकेला जाने कब तक