September 25, 2007

fly away

Among clouds so soft
They caress you and pamper you
In a sky so vast and blue
Nothing holds you back
As your wings take you
To every place you ever wanted
To visit and feel

Wings of a butterfly
Your dreams give them colors
Shining and glittering
You dazzle across ether
Put the rainbow to shame
The butterfly twits and flutters
As its brush gets all the colors
Its dreams ever wanted

Flying and flying
Beyond the sky and the moon
You reach for the stars
Gathering a handful
Your eyes shine with glee
And seeing you so
The heavens fall in love
And shower you with some more

Every dream you ever dreamed
Comes to life at your touch
And as that pleasant warmth
Travels up your fingers
You smile your beautiful smile
Like only you can
And the dream smiles back

And so this day
I wish you all the strength
And all the imagination
You would ever need
To dream all your dreams
And make all of them come true
Fly away, beautiful butterfly.

September 24, 2007

shrt n swt

thots. blast thm al. al of thm. buggrs al. mkin fun o me. or is it me mkin fun of me? laffin 8 myslf? vt 4? vt rong did i do? excpt dt i belivd. i belivd in miracls. 4gt d hrsh realities o lyf. i wnt 2 run awy. smwhr far off. 2 sm nvrlnd. whr i cn swtch off my mind. n escp 4m d clutchs of these thots tht kp gnwin 8 my flesh. eatin me up. gobblin me. finsh me thn. lt it b ovr. 1ce n 4 al. y cnt i fite thm. y dnt i wnt 2? y do i lv thm? clng 2 thm as they kil me? wrds sm so cnfusin. smdy i'l do awy wth evrythn. al my thots. n thn i'l b free.

September 22, 2007

:D :D

sheer and lovely
my bulwark against the world
a colored window
my hues to everything
that's black and white

weak and strong
ephemeral and staying

soft arms engulfing me
protecting me, pampering me

my bubble bestest!!


inspired by the new ad for all soft drinks under the coke label [:)].


it comes again.
a memory tumbling out
of an overflowing cupboard
and brings with it
just a tinge of sadness

some memories
make me sad
but that doesn't mean
they are unhappy

some memories
are so precious
that thinking of them
makes me fear
some of it will
will rub off
and remembering it
will make me forget
some of it

i should take care
to keep the cupboard locked


idea taken from a line in the novel 'the closed circle' - jonathan coe.

vacation books

the hungry tide - amitav ghosh

this was one beautiful book! i normally skip the descriptive passages in any novel. but here i didn't - i couldn't!! it was all done so artistically. engrossing story - intertwining human relations, evolving personalities, pain and valor and truth. and of course - love.

i haven't read many books by indian authors. will have to try to change that!

the closed circle - jonathan coe

a story of an evolving generation against a background of political turmoil (9/11 and the iraq crisis). complex relationships - one coming dangerously close to incest. lots of divorces and break-ups. none of the couples ended up intact by the end of the book. i liked the emotional aspect of the book but i think all the argument about linking human relations with the political events was a bit stretched.

the cover of the book says - 'wonderful, hilarious'. i could agree with the 'wonderful' part but it's in no way hilarious. humor it has, but it's of the darkest shade, at the expense of some character's feelings.

so, what do you say?

when the mind plays its games
and the thoughts don't stop
when the self seems loathsome
and the shadow is hated
when all that's seething inside
threatens to burst out
when nothing else matters
but the present tears

what do you do then?

cower in some corner
waiting for the storm to pass
or do what a man does best
fight the night out.
blame the stars
and the currents of time
or battle the demons
living in the mind

whatever you do
two things are bound to happen
the pain won't go away and
there will be a painless tomorrow.

September 8, 2007

:D :D

तेरे जिन सवालों का मैं जवाब
मैं दे ना, दे ना सका
तेरे जिन ख्यालों को अपने ख्वाबों में
मैं ले ना, ले ना सका
अपने उन सवालों को, उन ख्यालों को
अब तू दे दे मुझे
सारे सवालों को , सारे सवालों को ले
मैं हो जाऊं तुझसे जुदा

कि अब तेरे बिन
जब कटे मेरी रातें
कि तनहा कभी
जब करूं तुझसे बातें
तेरे सारे वो सवाल
मुझे याद आएंगे
तेरे सारे वो ख़याल
तेरी याद लाएंगे

my attempt at a bollywood song - first line lifted from the movie 'manorama - six feet under'. btw, listen to the songs of laaga chunari mein daag. some of them are awesome - especially the song about benaras !!

have a fucking exam tomorrow. and here i am listening to songs and writing some [:P]! listend to LCMD, manorama and chhod do na yaar and bhool bhulaiya. the title song of bhool bhulaiya is good. also the song labon ko.

me going to study.

September 7, 2007


i follow the sinking sun
into the light-less night
it seems i give up
without putting up a fight

but the sun will rise again
a morning clear and bright
i'll toil through the black
and come out clad in white

September 4, 2007


i'm back!! search google or yahoo for 'naween' and my blog comes as the FIRST result!! hee haw!! see this and this .

as mr. sunny would say - **halo in place - and shining bright** !!

or as i would say - mooohaaahaaa!!

September 2, 2007

masked entity

i wake up in the morning
put on my face
the one's that's gonna get me
through another day
doesn't really matter
how i feel inside
coz life is like a game sometimes

the masks i wear
and the smiles i smile
there's more to all this
than you could ever feel
there's no one
i'll let close
everyone is so very frightening

there's a face
behind the one you see
one you'll never see
i'll cry inside
but not a tear
will ever get out
the tears are mine and mine alone

and when the day's done
and i come home
the doors will close
i'm alone again
alone with myself
the thoughts will come
the dreams will lie broken

i suffer behind this mask
i suffer this mask
i fear the sun
i fear everyone
and when all's done
i'm all that i am
all this and much more

first para lifted - again from avril lavigne. it seems i'm listening a lot to avril lavigne these days [:P].

September 1, 2007

the one

running amok in a dark forest
tripping and falling and bleeding
there's no sense in all this suffering
but the RUNNER is the one who decides sense

pain and sadness and joy and happiness
are all ITS constructs to keep us busy
if only i could ask you to beware
but IT decides what IT wants to fear..