June 28, 2009

the lonely prince

painted walls around
a brick veil to hide
and then he wonders
why no one hears him
words are always weak
when thrown against walls
and it always ends in
the bricks smiling

June 24, 2009

appearances deceive

was watching the credits at the beginning of the movie ghatak:

special appearance
om puri

sensational appearance
mamta kulkarni

friendly appearance
amitabh bachchan

white and some light

उजले हाथों से
उजले बादलों की
उजली चकाचौंध छुपाते
उजली आँखों में
उजली परछाइयाँ उतर गयीं
उजाले में डूबे
उजले नीरस सपने
उजली रातों में
उजाले से जगाते हैं
उजले सागर में लिखी अब
उजालेपन की मौत है

June 22, 2009


Reliance promotional SMS:

Sabko hota hai Apne Khoon pe Maan! Apne Blood Group se janiye kya hai Apki Pehchan? Sms GROUP (Apka Blood Group) to 53131 eg Group A. Rs 3/sms


June 16, 2009

वाह ताज :D

आसान होता होगा कहीं
शायद इस से मर जाना
किसी से इश्क करना
और कुछ ना कह पाना

June 14, 2009

half-baked ideas

सारे वादों को पूरा करना
अपने बस में नहीं होता
पर मन तो हर वादे को सोचे
काश वो पूरा होता
क्योंकि आधे छूटे वादे
दिल में घर कर जाते हैं
रोजाना की चीज़ों से जुड़
पल पल यादें बुलाते हैं
सोचा था मेरे सारे वादे
किसी दिन होंगे हमारे
याद आती है वो रात
जब कहा था देख कर तारे
आधा सा वादा कभी
आधे से ज़्यादा कभी
जी चाहे कर लूँ
इस तरह वफ़ा का

[me waiting for a weekend when jab we met doesn't come on the tv :P]

मेरा प्यारा तारा

रात के चुप सन्नाटे में
तारों का शोर होता है
ध्यान से अगर सुनो तो
तुम्हारा तारा कुछ कहता होता है
दिन में कितना भी रो लो
रात में हँसाना उसका फ़र्ज़ होता है

June 12, 2009

random notes

- i can't understand what urgent things people talk on the phone while driving their bikes.

- when you have to travel around in autos, then the arrival of change in your wallet becomes an event to celebrate.

- i pass two temples, a gurudwara and a mosque on my way to office. a church and it would have been mera bharat mahan.

- i don't know why people have to stare at someone dressed in formals munching a bada waala dairy milk.

- i prefer the spencer's layout over that of reliance fresh. because it has better signage.

- the indian postal dept hadn't let me down. till now.

- i think a lot of people will be elated/overjoyed/.../.. if i grow a paunch some day in the future.

- suddenly i want to read harry potter all over again. and the foundation series too.

- right now, i want some chocolate ice-cream.

- the reason why the new format retail stores exist is because you enter one to buy a shoe polish and end up buying a bottle of shampoo, a packet of lay's american cream and salted onion chips, a packet of haldiram's khatta meetha mixture and a dairy milk.

- two office facts: food is a great instrument of unity. and the toilet is a great leveller.

- buying gifts is not an easy task.

- the end

June 11, 2009

enter sandman

i could say i love you
for the way you worry about me
thinking of me the whole day

i could say i love you
for the way you smile your smile
the dented-creased-cheek smile

i could say i love you
for the way you touch my heart
and i can cry my heart out

i could say i love you
for the rains you bring with you
embracing me like it's forever

i could say i love you
for the way you get angry at me
and then go back to loving me again

i could go on and on
a thousand reasons all night
why i love you more and more
but there's one reason
ahead of the million others
i love like i'm mad

i can sit beside you
hold your hand tight
and forget all my fears

[was watching 'definitely, maybe' on HBO and there was this dialogue:

"You know what's really cool?"
"I don't."
"We can just sit here and we don't have to worry about flirting or all the attraction stuff."
"Very cool."]

June 7, 2009

कुम्भ का मेला

एक बादल आज मिलने आया था
कमरे में कोहरा लाया था
धुएँ की आड़ में गुदगुदी की थी
काले-कलूटे की नीयत अच्छी थी
हम मिल कर खूब हँसे थे
बिछडे दो साथी मिले थे

June 5, 2009

sepia struggle

i looked around and found myself
amid all my yesterdays
awash with a sepia wave
choking, drowning nostalgia

yellowish smiles and tears
and all the left-behind fears
a failure or two
and the stairs of success

it was a sepia edifice
that had grown over the years
feeding on experience
memory-painted, hiccups-dented

all that's seen and done
seemed way too much
and i missed a beat or two
for moments i had held dear

but then i woke up
today is blue and red and green
all the colors of the rainbow
except the sepia sheen

i'll go the sepia way
but of my own accord
no sepia ambush will overwhelm me
while i paint my todays

bye bye sepia tone
your times are long gone
you might be the biggest sea
you can't walk ahead of me

June 2, 2009

happy ending

they could feel the distance between them. the people were pulling them apart. he could see her struggling. so was he. but the more they struggled, the further they grew apart. he could feel every push of hers as it reverberated through the mass of humanity between them. an eerie kind of feeling. as if she had touched him through the distance. their eyes met occasionally. and they didn't know what to read in that split instant. fear? hope? desperation? or an aura of inevitability? they both knew that the instrument of salvation was almost within grasp. but what to do of the hundreds who didn't want them to escape, to be together again? time was running out. they had to make a last effort. their eyes met, for the last time before the final heave. meet you on the other side, was all that was said. they pushed through, clawing for success, giving it all they had. and boarded the train.