June 12, 2009

random notes

- i can't understand what urgent things people talk on the phone while driving their bikes.

- when you have to travel around in autos, then the arrival of change in your wallet becomes an event to celebrate.

- i pass two temples, a gurudwara and a mosque on my way to office. a church and it would have been mera bharat mahan.

- i don't know why people have to stare at someone dressed in formals munching a bada waala dairy milk.

- i prefer the spencer's layout over that of reliance fresh. because it has better signage.

- the indian postal dept hadn't let me down. till now.

- i think a lot of people will be elated/overjoyed/.../.. if i grow a paunch some day in the future.

- suddenly i want to read harry potter all over again. and the foundation series too.

- right now, i want some chocolate ice-cream.

- the reason why the new format retail stores exist is because you enter one to buy a shoe polish and end up buying a bottle of shampoo, a packet of lay's american cream and salted onion chips, a packet of haldiram's khatta meetha mixture and a dairy milk.

- two office facts: food is a great instrument of unity. and the toilet is a great leveller.

- buying gifts is not an easy task.

- the end


Blue said...

it's almost like u read my mind b4 writing this post...well all except the paunch part...i wonder if i'll ever lose it :(

janus said...

heh@paunch :P

btw...even i have been thinking of rereading the foundation series...HP i have read too many times in XL so now again for some time :)

ramesh said...

so go and have choclat icecream ..

Akhil said...

Paunch and you...Never...
People always stare when they see a grown up eat a dairy milk, formal or not...

Sunny said...

So you were wearing formals when you went to a spencers/reliance fresh to buy shoe polish, ended up buying those 5 other things including the dairy milk, were having that in full public view with people were staring at you and then came back and blogged it all down?

Badhiya hai :P