June 5, 2009

sepia struggle

i looked around and found myself
amid all my yesterdays
awash with a sepia wave
choking, drowning nostalgia

yellowish smiles and tears
and all the left-behind fears
a failure or two
and the stairs of success

it was a sepia edifice
that had grown over the years
feeding on experience
memory-painted, hiccups-dented

all that's seen and done
seemed way too much
and i missed a beat or two
for moments i had held dear

but then i woke up
today is blue and red and green
all the colors of the rainbow
except the sepia sheen

i'll go the sepia way
but of my own accord
no sepia ambush will overwhelm me
while i paint my todays

bye bye sepia tone
your times are long gone
you might be the biggest sea
you can't walk ahead of me

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