December 18, 2007

hee haw!!

exams. 7 in 6 days. khair.

night out. canteen. soup. empty sachet. instructions in hindi.

dheemi aanch par rakh kar paanch minute tak hilaate rahiye !!!


December 17, 2007


brrrr.. it's getting cold here... i think i'll have to start wearing sweaters... and give up my unsaid oath... of not wearing any woolen clothes while i'm in college .. when i go home, it's another story altogether... nothing doing when it comes to mom and her diktats...

which reminds me... had a fight with her the other day on this topic [:P]...

i think i can still survive a day or two [:D]!!

ooh! aah! ouch!

life and everything else. pocket size. stashed away somewhere safe. roads leading everywhere. but the place. all so vast. and so tiny. span of the eye. blink-and-miss landscapes. empty inside and outside. barriers breaking down? people and crowds. walking up and down. voices and shouts. heavy air, full of thoughts. and ideas. and dreams. it's a smog. i can feel. i can see. i can hear. but i can't say. i can't write. every thing is now any thing. and life goes by. just like it always does. passage of time. the clocks run the show.

December 15, 2007

desperate class participation

love me. like you've never loved anyone else.
love me. like this is going to be forever.
love me. like i'm the only one you have.
love me. like it's been forever.

love me. like the winds kissing me.
love me. like the rains embracing me.
love me. like the seasons that went away.
love me. like the butterfly that flew away.

love me. like lovers do.


December 13, 2007


1. crossword clue - moped. and i'm thinking of hero puch [:(]!!

2. watching mtv. some ad has the word 'satiSfaction' with the middle S in a different font. i read it as sati's faction and am wondering who sati is and why she's formed a faction [:((]

3. end of class at 1:30. i walk out of class. reach my room. merrily surfing. someone comes in with my notebooks. 'where did you find these?' 'you left them in class and walked out!' [:(((]

December 12, 2007

seaside story

i watched her feet

as they splashed about in the water
and left prints in the wet sand
as she ran around

she jumped about in glee
an innocent smile lighting up her face
and i was rooted to the spot
i could have died then, and felt nothing

and then she sat down
a child making sand castles
with every careful pat of her hands
i could feel my dreams taking shape

she did a dance of joy
when the castle was complete
and i felt the waves
following the beat of her feet

i was woken out of this reverie
with a splash of water in my face
and before i could open my eyes
she gave me a kiss and ran away

i gave her a chase into the sunset
she, with her hair flying behind her
with a few strands sticking to her face
and glistening red with her

i finally caught up with her
held her in an embrace
and smelt the sand and the sea
as i buried my face in her hair

the sands slipped out of my hand
but she held the other
and that was all that mattered
her hand in mine

i held her close
and the din of the waves died out
the shifting sands under my feet
turned rock-solid

the sea, the sun, the sand
the wind, the water and the light
nothing, there was nothing
she was my everything

that evening, as i lay there
with my head in her lap
gazing out into the horizon
as the sea ate up the sun
i could see people watching the sun set
while i watched my star shining

and i realized
i loved her, and loved her
with every shred of my existence

December 10, 2007

you've got mail

i remember i said-
i'll be keeping all the letters
that i wrote to you
each one a line or two
all in my mind here
every tear and every smile
i sent to you...

but the days go by
and i forget words
the smiles and tears
are replaced gradually
with more and more tears

and i know
every letter i wrote
lies hidden somewhere
neglected,gathering dust
you can't touch them anymore
without hating me...

windows to my soul
that you've now closed
coz i sent
a little of me
with every letter...

and yet i wonder
why you haven't
burnt them yet..

the first few lines are from home-westlife.

December 9, 2007

paired pottery/potty/poetry

tatty tale.
proud prince.
dreadful demon.
fiery fight.
bloody blood.
vindictive victory?
kosher killing?
dead demon.
merciful murderer
penitent persecutor
poor prince

December 6, 2007

size doesn't matter [:P]!!

छोटी छोटी खुशियों के तारे
छोटी छोटी आंखों के प्यारे
छोटी छोटी मुस्कराहटें कहीं
छोटे छोटे हाथों की ज़मीन
छोटा छोटा अपना वो मकाँ
छोटे छोटे सपनों का आसमान

December 3, 2007


i am superman
flying across oceans
spanning mountains
in a single leap
waiting for
a stab of kryptonite

i'm tired to the bone
caring for others
saving strangers
hiding from everyone
keeping everything
all within myself
asking for
a stab of kryptonite

how i wish i could
ask someone
to cry for me
and care for me
make me feel pampered
instead i stand here
praying for
a stab of kryptonite

when i shiver and fear
when i let go a tear
and when my hands shake
i'm all alone
longing for
a stab of kryptonite

there's a child in here
i kill everyday
no one needs him
and he just cowers
in a hidden corner
but he knows
he'll be free one day
all he needs is
a stab of kryptonite

December 2, 2007

i think of you...

when i feel the rain

all around me
the downpour engulfing me
streams flowing from my eyes
your arms around me...
i think of you

when i see those leaves
flying about with abandon
and i remember
how the feeling of being with you
made me float on air...
i think of you

when i spread out my arms
to face the winds
and i'm pushed back
and i long for a helping hand
your hand in mine...
i think of you

when all of a sudden
i long to see your smile
that dimpled, twinkle-in-the-eye smile
and i realise i can't do that
not until i go away...
i think of you

when i close my eyes
and all i can see is you
however hard i try
and you just stand there
out of my reach...
i think of you

every time i think of me
i think of you
and i have all this fear
all i can do is give up a tear

December 1, 2007


random post. from class. there's a guy making a presentation. on prediction and some mumbo-jumbo. am least interested in that. he mentioned neural networks and svm's. but he isn't talking about that. so nothing doing with him.

but he reminds me of my graduation thesis. where all i did was ctrl-c and ctrl-v. and got royally fucked in the grand viva. but that (the fucking part) was because a prof was royally pissed off with me. which in turn was because i had royally fucked him in a class of his. so he instigated the other profs and the external examiner.

all this comp stuff interests me vaguely. i want to learn it but always end up being too lazy. i started reading neural nets once. i started learning python, java and c++ at various points of time... i liked the way algorithms worked. everything comp reminds me of rahul - and how he would come to my room crying eureka [:P]!!

the guy is saying.. do you understand or should i come again !! [:P]

i think i don't have the perseverance and the concentration levels required to pursue anything serious. or to put it in another way - anything that doesn't seriously interest me. i can spend hours making an useless swan just because i wanted to see the end result. but i can't spend a decent hour on the FM test - even though it's far far more important.

which brings us to the sad conclusion - either i should get my interests sorted out real fast or i'm going to be in deep shit.

huh!! this random stuff is getting psycho.

so i think me should stop. and anyways, stupid battery running out. should have bought a 9-cell.