December 3, 2007


i am superman
flying across oceans
spanning mountains
in a single leap
waiting for
a stab of kryptonite

i'm tired to the bone
caring for others
saving strangers
hiding from everyone
keeping everything
all within myself
asking for
a stab of kryptonite

how i wish i could
ask someone
to cry for me
and care for me
make me feel pampered
instead i stand here
praying for
a stab of kryptonite

when i shiver and fear
when i let go a tear
and when my hands shake
i'm all alone
longing for
a stab of kryptonite

there's a child in here
i kill everyday
no one needs him
and he just cowers
in a hidden corner
but he knows
he'll be free one day
all he needs is
a stab of kryptonite


sandeip said...

reminds me of the pink floyd song.."learning to fly"

"tongue tied,twisted,just an earthbound misfit...i"

naween said...


this was inspired from five for fighting - it's not easy (being superman)

Sid_Parida said...

Buddy, nice piece...
Generally do not relate to poetry, but really liked this one.....
Maybe because i like the Five for Fighting song :)

naween said...


hmmm.. one nice song that is [:)]!