December 10, 2007

you've got mail

i remember i said-
i'll be keeping all the letters
that i wrote to you
each one a line or two
all in my mind here
every tear and every smile
i sent to you...

but the days go by
and i forget words
the smiles and tears
are replaced gradually
with more and more tears

and i know
every letter i wrote
lies hidden somewhere
neglected,gathering dust
you can't touch them anymore
without hating me...

windows to my soul
that you've now closed
coz i sent
a little of me
with every letter...

and yet i wonder
why you haven't
burnt them yet..

the first few lines are from home-westlife.


mishti said...

aajkal poetry(ing)? Sahii!! :-) Btw, hopped in after long, nice reads. :-)

naween said...


thank you [:)]!