June 2, 2009

happy ending

they could feel the distance between them. the people were pulling them apart. he could see her struggling. so was he. but the more they struggled, the further they grew apart. he could feel every push of hers as it reverberated through the mass of humanity between them. an eerie kind of feeling. as if she had touched him through the distance. their eyes met occasionally. and they didn't know what to read in that split instant. fear? hope? desperation? or an aura of inevitability? they both knew that the instrument of salvation was almost within grasp. but what to do of the hundreds who didn't want them to escape, to be together again? time was running out. they had to make a last effort. their eyes met, for the last time before the final heave. meet you on the other side, was all that was said. they pushed through, clawing for success, giving it all they had. and boarded the train.

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