July 5, 2008

devil's workshop

a sheet of silver paper
a sheet of golden paper
a fevistick
a toota-foota cardboard box
lots of faaltu time

think of all that you have to do today. then come to the conclusion that all of it can't be done. set your mind to binary mode. it's either all or none. since it can't be all, it has to be none. that decision made, think. you now have spare time on your hands. brainstorm. you absolutely have to do something.

the result:

clap clap!! you' finally did something!


Devika said...

But er.. What is it? What's the function?

Okay, got the point. ;)

naween said...


pens, coins, pins.. odds and ends.. [:)]

Sharanya said...

didn't know wannabe beggars were choosers ;-) thoda gaana waana practise kar lo...tum to tehre pardesi types ;-D

naween said...


with this, there'd have to be a minimum limit.

Sunny said...

Waah re... ab bas ek din 'competition and globalization' class mein ek boat banana... aur is dabbe mein paani bhar ke chalaana usko ismein. Kitna mazza aayega na! [:D] [:P]

naween said...


saala, uske liye dabba class le jaana hoga! logistical problem, you see!!