July 5, 2009

lonely at the top

he tried walking away
from everyone and everything
that was hurting him
but no matter how much he tried
and ran himself breathless
he still ran into
some of himself

and so he decided to fly
wings of desperation
fueling him on a journey
to the heavens and beyond
leaving all hurt grounded
searching for happiness
in a handful of stars

and then he sat there
looking down on the world
and everything he'd escaped from
head hung down in thought,
the acrophobia returned
the stars were hurting him now
burning him with a desire

he had wished to be alone
all he now felt was loneliness
all his life he wanted to be
the superman himself
now he longed for some eyes
to stare at him in irritation
as he cried his tears

he returned
to where he had started from
today he braves his way through
all that life throws at him
and everytime there is hurt
and he stumbles and falls
he holds onto one of himself

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