April 11, 2009

random notes

## i've begun a new series of nursery rhymes. for the following (not exhaustive) reasons:
[a] they are easy to write.
[b] i got inspired by the charlie waffles act in two and a half men.
[c] i doubt the mental age of people who read this blog.

## i would have been dead if there had been no discovery channel on tv. honestly.

## i have a strong suspicion that my parents are on a mission to make me add weight.

## i've figured that i can't make do with any plan other than the unlimited one when it comes to an internet connection.

## i keep hiding all the quiz notifications on facebook and still, people keep discovering new ones

## i have discovered that i don't have the patience to read books anymore. but i'm not giving up yet.

## i cannot understand how the roadies and splitsvilla shows on mtv have gained the popularity that they have.

## sleeping too much is NOT injurious to health.


ramesh said...

so in what company are you off to wreck havoc??

Sunny said...

Point [c] was extremely insightful :P

And I wish your parents luck in ## 3 :P

Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...

u didn't add weight in 2yrs at xl - i doubt u would be able to do so elsewhere :P

as for the fbook - temme if u find a soln :( i think fbook purposely changes the settings later back to unhiding the quizzes!