July 17, 2011


I look at you, girl
standing there, moonlight-lit
some stars peeking through your hair
you haven't braided it today
the way i've always loved it
i remember telling you about it
and i'm glad you remembered

there you stand, and i close my eyes
look inside for what i had wished you'd be
your hand meets mine, in a weird symmetry
the images match and i realise
i've known you all my life
a long time for someone who felt alive just now

i want to stare and i don't
i know what i'll see and still i want
my eyes are squeezed shut
i'm afraid you could disappear
with startling suddenness

all that has to be said, has already been
in the hesitating way our fingers touched
in the way i looked at my once-loved stars
and then quickly looked back at you
and in our fidgetiness and eagerness
but there are stories to be told
and lives to be synched

what are we waiting for
standing here with this distance between us
i don't know
maybe time doesn't matter
not now
especially now.

- Written on a flight. Sometimes i can be a hopeless romantic [:P]. The pic is by Basu, as always.

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