July 25, 2011

Sense of Silence

can you see it?
the void of silence.
the eyes conjuring up
all the words you spoke
and your lips quivering on
some of the unsaid ones

can you feel it?
the clutch of silence.
overpowering, suffocating
forcing you to blurt out
and stopping them words
in a stranglehold

can you smell it?
the stench of silence.
wearing you with
a dementor-like demeanour
decaying words and thoughts
dead and living on

can you taste it?
the bitterness of silence.
shorn of the happy shimmer
life trundling along
lips smacking as they remember
the sweetness of words

can you hear it?
the sound of silence.
a deafening drone
drowning you down
the ears yearning to hear you
utter some words

Pic is by Basu. Taken at Lansdowne.

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