October 22, 2011

water and she

she comes in
after a shower
shakes her head
and the droplets fly
bends her neck
and towels her hair
and i see the drops
leaving her hair

it's raining
she has a paper boat
she takes care
while letting it go
in the stream
takes care
not to touch the water
but she's all wet
in the rain

she sits by the river
her feet in the water
and talks to me
a calmness takes her over
maybe the water
drains all the anxieties away

she splashes water
onto her face
and it's hid behind
tiny rivulets
but they run off
and she opens her eyes
her eyelashes are wet
she looks at me
and i know
i have the world

it's raining
and she puts her hand
out of the window
closes her eyes and lets
the raindrops falling on her palm
be the only sensation
and i look at
serenity personified

her eyes are brimming
but i forbid her to cry
she's allowed
just one drop
it rolls down her cheek
and i hold it in my palm
all the sea
wouldn't have felt heavier

ps: 1, 2  and 4 are common scenes
3 is from swades
5 is from the song boondon se baatein
6 is from spanglish

-Pic is by Basu. I thought the silhouettes of their hands formed a nice small house.


Anonymous said...

love it!!!!

naween said...

@Anon: thanks :)