October 27, 2009

alternate reality

खामोश आँखें कहें तुम्हे ढेरों बातें
and they plead you to listen
सहमा मन कहने से डरे पर
wishing you understand nevertheless
सिमटा सा किसी कोने पे खड़ा
i hope you recognise me
सोचूँ तुम आंखों की बातें पढ़ लो सारी
and say something of your own
पर जानूं मैं ऐसा होगा न कभी
all these words will remain unsaid
आंसू बन कर बह जायेंगे कभी
and i'll be standing here at this corner
जाने क्यों ये सब जान कर भी
i believe you'll understand
वो सब जो मैं कहना चाहूँ
without me saying anything at all

[didn't come out quite right. the idea was to write it in a way that the hindi and english make sense both ways - taken alone and taken together.]

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