October 5, 2009

blogging trivia

=> 15-20 minutes is my time limit for each post. if a post takes longer than that, it's transferred to the vault. items in the vault are taken up much later, if at all.

=> i find it easier to write on pictures/photos.

=> there's a set of people (about 4) who get to read my posts before they appear on the blog.

=> this is my first blog and my fifth blog. [i started blogging here in 2004, then stopped. went on to two secret blogs and one public blog and finally returned here]

=> there's a marked difference between the earlier aquitaine and this one. someone who didn't know would think them to be entirely different people altogether.

=> sometimes i know what i have to write. but i can't find words to do justice to that idea. this leads to long hiatuses. almost all of them end up with stupid posts like this one.

=> i had toyed with the idea of a hindi blog once. but in those days, blogger didn't have transliteration and was a whole lot more buggy. that blog got stuck in some technical snag.

=> altogether, i have published more than a thousand posts.

=> there are many recurrent themes that run through my posts. people and places and things.

=> the 'aquitaine' of the title comes from a ludlum novel - the aquitaine progression - one of the worst he's ever written. but the 'aquitaine' there stood for chaos leading to a new order and i liked the idea.

=> in its earlier avatar, this blog didn't have my name featuring anywhere. and still, one year into blogging, a search for naween gave this blog as the first result. i don't know how.

=> some of the posts i write are intended for real people. yet the most obvious ones aren't.

=> the only reason i don't blog about people is because i have a complicated relationship with almost all the persons i'd have liked to blog about. that's a department where i haven't been blessed.

=> most of my posts are sort of lifted/inspired from various sources, mostly songs. i take care to record the inspiration too.

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