May 1, 2012

balderdash :)

Don't you think it's funny?

What's funny?

The fact that you're so madly, deeply in love.

Why should that be funny? As a human being, I'm perfectly capable and deserving of that emotion/feeling.

That is so.

Why that stupid grin on your face then?

When I met you, I never thought I 'd see this face of yours.

What did you expect then? That I'd never fall in love?

No, no, not that. I just thought you'd be more in control of the situation and your emotions. You're a giggling, stupid-er version of your earlier self.

Am I so?

Yes, you are. But this one is definitely more lovable. One you could cuddle up to.

So - if I understood you correctly - to be capable of your love, one has to dumb down several notches?? 

Of course. I want to be the one who cracks all the funny jokes.

With that stupid grin of yours?


I think I could live with that. And this giggling.

I know.

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