May 7, 2012

The starry night

stars in her eyes
she gazed at the sky
it was a dark night
and the stars lit her face
like a moon in flesh and blood

the endless canopy above
and infinite darkness below
she spread out her arms
to feel the vastness of it all
an angel floating on ether

we clung to each other
felt the currents of time
and as the clouds crossed the moon
throwing shadows on our faces
we were at one with our good/bad selves

a gust of freezing wind
sent a shiver down my spine
and i snuggled closer to her
she was all the warmth i ever needed
the cold night couldn't have been more pleasant

i wish i could reach out
and pluck a handful of stars
to shower her with
to bring to life all her dreams
and be her hero forever

my world in my arms
i was up there in the clouds