February 9, 2009

no exit options

there will be lonely roads
and you'll wish it was all over
all the pain and the tears
but i'll remind you of the good times
and the smiles we smiled
try and take away all your fears
i'll always be on your side

the climb up the mountain
will tire you down to the bones
and victory won't seem as sweet
i'll hold you tight in my arms
and tell you how you are the best
how you should be proud of your feat
i'll always be on your side

there will be a crowd between us
that won't let you hear what i say
and we'll be separated by faces
but when the din gets deafening
and you look for some solace
i'll be your ocean of silence
i'll always be on your side

there are a thousand reasons
why you shouldn't be with me
and maybe you'll go away one day
but i have only one reason
to stay, to hold tight, to be there
i've nowhere else to go

i'll always be on your side

[always on your side by sheryl crow is a wonderful wonderful song. it's playing in the background :). my favorite line is: butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away..]

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