February 19, 2009

wake up and smell the sun

wakey wakey wakey
open your sleepy eyes
to the thousand worlds inside
all the different yous
keeping you company
and all the different people
you ever wanted to be
there's your favorite tree
with your snug little treehouse
and the birds you talk with
in your squeaky little voice
you can cry all you want
without the fear of ending up sad
and you can smile till kingdom come
without tears welling in your eyes
colors colors and more
bright and drab, warm and cold
white rainbows and colored clouds
mazes you could get lost in
the kid playing all day long
like having so many flavors
of ice cream to choose from
and all the different threads
waiting for you to weave a dream
and all the different colors
in all the different shades
waiting for you draw a picture
waiting for you to draw a tomorrow