February 7, 2009


i was on a form-filling spree today.. placement season approaching.. and i remembered something..i had applied to mckinsey in my previous college.. i knew for sure i wasn't going to be shortlisted.. they took only the toppers.. so i decided to be bold and forthright..

The obvious disadvantage I would face in a team job like the one at McKinsey would be my tendency to get depressed when I fail to fulfill the expectations I have from myself. Since these may be periods of some duration, I may be the one bringing down the team morale in situations where I feel I haven't been up to the task.

On the other hand, I believe I have a very fecund imagination and I can contribute more than a fair share of ideas to any brainstorming session. Also, I tend to start with the bleakest view of anything and everything and hence there won't be many who could beat me at the job of being the doomsday doctor of the group.

Being a cynic at heart, I don't take things at face value and I'm also, in general, devoid of any preconceived notions about anything. If a fresh, critical (pun intended) mind is what is being sought, then the description fits me.


Sunny said...

Tum bhi apna application submit kyon nahin kar dete... http://www.funnyandjokes.com/mcdonalds-application-for-employment.html ;-)

And would you fcukin believe it... the word verification word for this comment is "mensa"!

naween said...


ab tum eight-letter word kar hi raha hai.. to kuchh bhi ho sakta hai [:P]!