February 27, 2009

time travel

noticed this happening today. looked like a mail from the future [:P]

so i searched some (on google itself, of course) and found that one of the reference times is your computer's. so this basically indicates that my comp's clock is out of sync with the real world. now why would gmail do that? rahul said that they are using javascript to refresh that thing so that they won't have to reload a page every time. but then the script could have noted the comp time when it first loaded, and taken this into account when calculating future times [ would have worked fine unless you changed your comp time while reading a mail]. this page provides an alternate explanation.

anyways, i now have an alternate way of knowing when my comp's clock is running behind.[:P]

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gpraveenkumar said...

Hmmm, What you have said could also be a reason. I hope you are aware that, the Google server crashed for 2 hours. It could be that they have done something related to this timer then. It was since then I noticed this change and hence wrote a post in my blog along with YouTube videos. It is a pleasure that you have read that post.