August 30, 2009

mixed feelings

there's a river between
where we are and
where we want to be

लहरें शायद हमें
दो किनारों पे कहीं
पटक देना चाहती हैं

maybe they don't like
the way i hold your hand
the way we hold hands

लाख कोशिश कर हारी नदी
हताशा से अब भरी है
हमें अलग करने पर पडी है

and now all it can do
is make it hard for us
the bank keeps getting further

और हम यहाँ अटके हैं
दुश्मन समंदर में
मंजिल से बहुत दूर

but don't you worry dear
you are all the courage
i'll ever need
with you by my side
the black clouds around us
have a sliver of sunshine

हाथ ये मेरा तुम
थामे रहो बस यूँ ही
तुम्हारी कुछ लकीरों से
उलझी रहें मेरी लकीरें

[i know this is kinda incoherent and slipshod. but i was just trying to test the hypothesis that i think in english when i write in hindi and vice versa. i think it's true.
the pic is by Crazy]

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