August 17, 2009


i had swum for long
against the tides
and when i grew weary
i just let myself be
said goodbye to the seas
and reached the shores

and here i am
stuck in a mire
of my own making
my hands are tied down
by weeds growing on me
and i can only look
at the sad waves
that pass me by everyday

i had always thought
giving up would be easy
and i'd be at peace
after i've done the deed

but no, there's much more
the pang of guilt
and the watery expanse
reminding me every second
of what could have been

the swimmer is tired
but i shout out to him
don't you dare let go
here i am, stuck in mud
ruing the very day
i had given up
don't you dare give up

[photo courtesy basu again]


Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...

is it what i think it is?
then we are all stuck in the mud!

naween said...


arre bhai!! itna mat socha karo!!