December 19, 2010

man of few words

i don't want to talk to you.


for ever.


do you realize that i'm breaking up with you?

yes, i do.

and you are okay with it?

i've seen it coming for quite some time now.

i just want you to know that nothing you say or do now is going to change my decision.

i'm not going to say or do anything. you must have put enough thought into the decision.

i can't believe you are letting it go just like that. i was expecting a big tamasha.

then you don't me yet. and i'm not letting you go.

so i was right?

no. it will all be in my mind. nothing that should affect you.

you know, the earlier thing about not knowing you. you have done absolutely nothing to make that easier.

i know.

god knows how i have tried. i can't take it anymore.

i know.

is this all a big joke to you? here i am, crying and you stand there just like that?

my time for tears will come too.

whatever. listen, i've got to go. i wish i could have parted with some nice words. but frankly, i have none.

i can understand.


Anonymous said...

only people who love eachother lot but can't live together break up like this ..... the crying and pain comes when they r all alone

naween said...

@anon: hmm.. not always :)