June 16, 2008

first day - second year

some guy enters class. and we want to make fun of him. so we start clapping. and at the same instant the prof enters thru the other door. and looks straight at me. me clapping. fuck!!

prof distributes the course outline. everyone busy reading it. i'm in no hurry to start studying. so i fold it, put it in my copy and look up. look up at the prof. who looks back at me. fuck!!

and this, i think, was the reason why i was made to read out the entire course outline!!! read out aloud!! feeling like an idiot! fuck, fuck, fuck!!

okki. point taken.

we had two classes today. and i gave the acronyms for the subject interesting expansions to make them more appetising:
Product & Brand Mgmt : PBM = Paneer Butter Masala
Commercial Banking: CMB = CBM = Chicken Butter Masala

i've written them along with the subject names [:D]!


Rohit Anand said...

DL ka menu ho ke rah gaya hai

naween said...

hehe!! hum bhi wohi soch ke likhe the [:D]

Sunny said...

Waah Naween babu... dekho prof tumko akele ko kitna attention deta hai. Tum to ekdum chaheeta student ban gaya hai prof ka.

Arz hai... [:D]

Chubby cheeks, dimple chin
rosy lips, teeth within,
Curly hair, very fair,
eyes are blue, lovely too,
Teacher's pet, is that you??

Chupaate kyon ho... batao batao [;)]

naween said...


ho gaya? [:D]