November 1, 2009

(long) short story

see, please don't take this the wrong way. but i've grown rather fond of our conversations. there's this connection i've made with you that just hasn't happened ever before. time just flies by when i'm with you. you've come to mean much more than just a friend to me. i feel something missing the day i don't talk to you. and i try desperately not to have any such days. you might have noticed my stupid attempts to start a conversation or the insane reasons i give for calling you up. and there's also the bombardment of SMSs. you see, there's this desire to be in constant touch with you, to tell you things as soon as they happen, to make you the first one i share it with. i never thought i would feel like this with anyone but here i am, going through this whirlwind of emotions.

149 words and you still can't say 'i love you'.

you were counting?

yes, i was.

so what do you say?

i sat through 149 stupid words and am still sitting here. you still need an answer?



Jade said...

Nice. :)

Mithun Pandey said...


Anonymous said...

kaash ki wo bhi ruk gayi hoti...
Shayad maine word limit cross kar di thi..

naween said...






waqt nahi rukta :)