November 8, 2009


so, what's your story?

why do you think i should have a story?

so you're saying you don't have one?

i didn't say that!

that means you have one!

i didn't say that either!!

ha ha! i caught you there, didn't i?

but seriously, why do you think i have a story?

there's a faraway look in your eyes. like you're searching for someone else in me.

really, is it that evident?

i wouldn't have known otherwise, would i?

what if there is no story and i'm still searching for someone else?

you would have told me then, i think. among all the nonsense we've talked about.

so you mean to say i'm hiding something?

not hiding exactly. it's just a story that's stuck with you and refuses to go away.


so are you going to tell me?

some other day, maybe.

you know, you don't need to.

thank you for that.


Anonymous said...

The last line is so difficult for a man to say!!

naween said...

@Anon: that it is :)

Anonymous said...

Would u say it in real life too?

naween said...

@Anon: I think I would :)

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done :)

naween said...

@Anon: true that :). And also, as they say on the big bang theory: The schrodinger cat problem :P