April 2, 2011


the brain is not an infinite dustbin
i have some spring-cleaning to do
memories that have taken root
grown into a labyrinth i get lost in

there's a carton of dusty photographs
grainy with specks of time
and there are some footprints
times when i stood my ground
stubborn, sometimes foolishly so

sepia-toned words and sentences
tomes i've guarded against time
laced with smiles and tears
people long gone, living in these words
still speaking to me

and the mind, i know
isn't ready to give up any of this
so the broom-work will be more of
wrestling and pushing and fighting
and explaining and cajoling

but the labyrinth is
holding me back
there are new memories to be made
new pictures to be taken
more smiles and tears

and i can't
just stay HERE

Photo by Basu.


Peecee said...

The constant tussle between the need to hold on as well as the urgency of having to let go, because, like you said - One cannot just stay here.

naween said...

@Peecee: Bilkul satya vachan :)

Chintan said...

Keep biting more memories than you can chew. Once you feel full, you can always be a cow and ruminate.

naween said...

@chintan: Sometimes, there's a struggle between being-a-bull and being-a-cow :P