February 8, 2008

bad day

every day i set out afresh
a smile plastered on my face
the frowns erased from my brow
the clenched fists undone
and the cloudy eyes transparent

i want my day to go well
just for this once
a day i don't have to cry
even if i don't get to smile
just a day that doesn't hurt

i try my best everyday
not to feel, or see
in the hope i won't suffer
if i shut out the world
like an ostrich in the sand

but i am hewn apart
all the numbness i cultivate
can't stop me from
feeling the pain
and living the pain

and the smile vanishes
the brow is lined again
and the fists clenched
i start out a kid
and age centuries everyday

and you ask me
why i love the night?

heard this song after a long time today - bad day [daniel powter]. and i remembered this poem i had once written on a wall of my room in college.


ramesh said...

aah us indians, we all have solid theories about love and sex, though how many of us have experienced either before the theory formulation is a matter of question ..

naween said...


but we were always good at philosophizing, weren't we?