March 26, 2008

another one of those

Your romantic side is powerfully charged today, dear Cancer, and you will find that the more you tune in to this side of your nature, the happier you will be.

- my horoscope on windows live today

i think i've written about this before - these predictions about cancer. almost every other day i find them related to love. no other sunsign has the love theme occurring so frequently!! are cancerians especially romantic or what [:P]?? my 'dear friend' sunny somani said something on this once, i think. couldn't find that chat. but it was something profound.

anyway, there's no use deliberating on this topic. these people have to earn their livelihood [:P]!!


KS said...

cancerians are romantically obsessed people.

i am tempted to say romantically challenged people. but that would make it too open for interpretation.

naween said...


hehe!! i'd go with romantically challenged [:P]!

Mayank said...

haha :) ! "Romantically challenged" !

naween said...


:D hum nahi bolte ye. kontham bolta hai :)

sonik said...

here's to romantically challenged/disabled cancerians :)

naween said...