March 9, 2008

no title

=> whenever you think you've had enough, life comes up with something new. and despite the pain, you can't help saying 'wow'!!

=> if tomorrow is what you dream it to be - does that mean that if you can't dream your tomorrow today, you won't have a tomorrow at all?

=> i have a homemade thermometer. whenever i start dreaming really weird dreams and i get conscious of this fact, i conclude that i have a fever. the more weird the dream, the higher the fever [:P]!!

=> dunno why, but i'm more at ease chatting on messenger than actually talking to people. i guess i'm more comfortable with the predictability of the written word.

=> this is the fifth time in less than so many minutes that i've mixed up between the mouse, tv remote and cellphone i have near me.

=> i've discovered that there's actually a limit to how much you can sleep in a day.. day after day...duh!! damn these myths!! why do they always end in shreds?

=> okki. this is the end.


Anonymous said...

what was that limit you wrote about ?? i once recorded 16 hrs each day for 3 consecutive days ! :)

Anonymous said...

There is a limit to sleep. I agree. Our quota of breath and sleep is measured in life....Hear say info, dont ask me to prove. ;-)