March 29, 2008


love is ..
an endless cacophony
of innumerable thoughts.
the starry night
that's just as scary
as it is beautiful.
the longing
for a healing touch.
intimate conversations
all by yourself.
a thousand dreams
all of them bubbles
waiting to be broken.
the shifting sands
you love to walk on
and see your impression
you hope would last
a lifetime.
all the usual words
getting a new meaning.
all the insanity
somehow making sense.


Romram said...

simply awesome!!

naween said...



MiNi said...

tooo gud!!!!

naween said...



abyssal depths said...

nice one....[:)]

naween said...

@abyssal depths


Mayank said...

mast likha hain aapne :) !

and no wonder ur horoscope has romantic predictions more often than not !

and one of innumberable thoughts .. dadaji style "yeh pyaar waar sab bakwaas hain .." !

naween said...


sahi bolta hai.. sahi bolta hai [:P]!

kpowerinfinity said...

Macha diya hai dost :)

Magar All fools day ke 2 din pehle? :P

Kaisa hai be? How is Jamshedpur treating you?

naween said...


pyaar waale to bhai saal bhar paagal rahte hain [:P]!!

poem dekh ke meri haalat to pata lag hi rahi hogi [;)]

KS said...

love is...a compelling reason for poetry. ?

naween said...

and blogs too [:P]!