September 20, 2009

solar eclipse

there was this turmoil in his head. he just couldn't think clearly. so many feelings and counter-currents. why did she leave him? what mistake did he make? where? when?

this had been his routine everyday. walking the last kilometer to the office. sitting like a potato sack all day made him restless and he thought he'd give his legs some early morning work by doing so.

why did she say all those things she said? didn't he deserve a second chance? how can this be an unilateral decision?

the rag-picker kid found it strange that the bhaiya didn't even look at him today. that kid had been a part of this daily routine. they'd exchange smiles everyday. sometimes he'd bring him a chocolate or something. no words were ever spoken. the kid frowned to himself and ducked for cover as it started raining.

shit!! damn this rain!! he had again forgotten his umbrella. too much on his mind today. his first instinct was to run to the building nearby. but then he just felt rebellious. to hell with the rain!!

why was bhaiya getting drenched? he'd never been the type to do so. especially while going to office. it had always been crisp clean clothes he'd change everyday.

he found himself crying. straight-faced crying. like there was a disconnect between the thoughts and the tears.

bhaiya was walking so slowly! like a zombie! maybe there was something wrong! should he go and ask him? the kid ran from shelter to shelter, walking with him.

the sudden gust of wind almost woke him up from his reverie. the wet clothes and the rain combined to produce a shiver that chilled him to the spine. he realised that there was much more to his life than this useless moping.

he had stopped all of a sudden. frowning in concentration. the kid could see the hint of a smile forming at the edges of his lips.

he thought of the project at the office he had been so passionately involved in. why, he'd thought of something very innovative just yesterday! he couldn't wait to implement it!

yes, he was smiling. even though it was a reluctant smile. and there was this steely resolve conquering his face.

he looked up and saw the kid across the road. all these days he'd never talked to him. he thought he'd start today.

bhaiya smiled at him at last!! he was coming toward him..

and before the horrified kid's eyes, he stepped right into the path of an oncoming bus.


Devika Rajeev said...

Oh come on! No fair!

Ninja a.k.a. Talli said...


I loved it! :)

MiNi said...

too god (Godly in IIT kgp terms :))cudnt understand why is it titled as "solar eclipse"

naween said...

i know i know...


it all went dark just as soon as the sun came out.

tina said...


naween said...

@tina: thanks!

Mridul Arora said...

u didnt have to kill..the tormented but still hopefull soul.. i just lost a tear there! :'(

naween said...

@Mridul: All stories do not have happy endings :)